Is Michael Weiss's AAA Joe Ferla engineered and Mixed Kickstarter Project Worthy of Your Support?

Keyboardist Michael Weiss released in 2003 a CD of his all-analog (AAA) production of Soul Journey, a collection of nine original compositions arranged for sextet featuring Steve Wilson, alto sax, Ryan Kisor, trumpet and flugelhorn, Steve Davis, trombone, Paul Gill, bass and Daniel Sadownick, percussion. It was recorded to 2 inch 30IPS tape at Avatar Studios New York by Joe Ferla and mixed by Joe to 1/2" 30IPS analog tape.

Reviews were great and now, given the vinyl resurgence, Weiss has started a Kickstarter Project to fund an all analog edition mastered by Bernie Grundman. On the kickstarter page you can get more details, read reviews and listen to 3 tracks transferred from the analog tape. And you can make a pledge to help insure this record's release. The Kickstarter project deadline is October 23rd so there are only a few days left to fund what sounds like a great AAA double vinyl jazz recording.

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...let's get this done folks. I was one of the first to support this project because the album is killer. A natural for an all analog release!

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Thanks for the heads-up.

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Michael Weiss is a friend and I wanted to let people know that he asked me to help him with this project. I will be in charge of quality control, should the Kickstarter be successful, and I will endeavor to apply the lessons learned during the mastering and pressing of my records "The Turn" and "No Filter" to make sure the final product sounds as good as possible.

I encourage everyone to check out the Kickstarter. I think the music is really good, and so is the sound. As someone who has heard the tape, I think this will be a great sounding album, especially spread over 4 sides. As Michael Fremer mentioned, we will use Bernie Grundman to master and cut the record all analog, and we plan to press the records at QRP.

Jerome Sabbagh

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Yes, let's do this people. Over halfway now...
A mere 240 AP readers at $25 a pop and this thing happens for Weiss and Co.
And we all benefit!

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and I love everything MF et al do, but can we talk about R2R here? This was recorded on tape- transfer to 1/4" tape at 15 IPS seems obvious to me but... Analogplanet, not VinyPlanet, no?

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...there are way more turntable than R2R owner's out there. Also, most of the R2R tapes that I have seen for sale are pretty expensive...

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If MF had that attitude about vinyl 20 years ago, none of us would be here, right? Regarding might want to look around a bit. There are reviews of $125 records and $10K tonearms on this site so...

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..if you read the Kickstarter page, there is a R2R available:

Vinyl + 1/4 Inch 15 ips Tape

An awesome-sounding signed, numbered, completely analog double vinyl pressing of "Soul Journey" + a 1/4 inch 15 ips reel to reel tape of the album (your choice of NAB or IEC/CCIR) from Bernie Grundman Mastering, mastered in real time directly from the very tape the music was mixed on.

This would actually be a real first generation master tape (with EQ applied by Bernie Grundman at mastering), only one generation removed from the 1/2 half inch tape the music was mixed on (which is unmastered). It will not be made from a tape copy. This is very unusual. It’s as short a path as is physically possible for a mastered tape and a unique opportunity for someone into reel to reel.

Limited to 10. Second generations copies might also be available, depending upon demand, for a lesser price. Other tape formats available too. For more details, please ask.

So mister money bags, put up or shut up.

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that cost means nothing, simply that dismissing something on here because it costs a lot when many of the items up for discussion can land in the 6 figure realm, seems thoughtless. That said, I bought the limit of ten per, cuz I'm rich AF!

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Actually, there is R2R available as a reward right on the Kickstarter page (1/4 inch, 15 IPS):

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Hi, Michael.

I know this comment is off topic, but I was not able to find a way to contact you directly. I was wondering if you have any knowledge about the mastering of the new box set of Beatles singles. Did Sean Magee actually cut the vinyl from the original master tapes instead of digital files? The wording of the announcement on the Beatles' website is ambiguous as opposed to the wording in the Beatles store which says that he did cut the vinyl from the original master tapes.

I would be grateful if you can help clarify this.

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So for the 25 do you get a record. Sorry I did a quick look.

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Yes, $25 + shipping gets you a (double and AAA) record!

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I am in.

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Oct. 22,2019 11:06

Folks, it's ending in about 22 hours and they have only raised about half the goal. Maybe one of you well off folks can work a deal with them to fund the rest?

AAA is something that needs to be supported. My broke ass did.

Robert A. Ober
Houston, TX

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Not a jazz fan but do believe in supporting these type of projects. I am surprised that they can not get 480. My pockets are deep because there is a hole in them. I did what I could.

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I did the math and right now, considering Kickstarter counts shipping towards the pledges, all it would take is 179 more backers to pledge for the LP (and less than that if some people pledge more) to make this happen. Let’s get it done, it’s worth it!

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Hi everyone,

This is Jerome Sabbagh writing (I will be in charge in quality control if this project goes through). Michael Weiss asked me to post, as he's tied up teaching and rehearsing today. We just got 2 big pledges and we are close to $10000. The goal is $12000 and it seems reachable, even in the 18 hours left. If you are on the fence about this, now is the time to do it!

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So bummed this didn't make it.
Michael Weiss: if you try again - I'm all in.
I'm quite surprised this didn't fly. With all the angst over whether or not the Beatles singles re-releases - which we have heard 10,000 times - are all analog - a sure thing analog production of terrific music doesn't get the support. And at a very responsible price.
Scratching my head...

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I didn't receive the analogplanet e-mail digest until the kickstarter campaign ended. I'd happily purchase the vinyl either on kickstarter or some other way. Does anyone on this thread know if Michael Weiss will press this on vinyl either with a new kickstarter campaign or some other way?

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As a follow-up to the above comments, I wanted to let people know that the Kickstarter to press Michael Weiss' "Soul Journey" on vinyl has been relaunched. The goal has been lowered from $12000 to $10000, which is less than was raised last time. Hopefully we can get this done this time!

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It would be nice to see it back up front and hopefully it will go through this time. I just pledged.

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We reached our funding goal yesterday so we're moving forward 14 days ahead of schedule.
Jump in before the ship leaves on December 12! In addition to double LP sets, there are still a limited number of R2R tape, test pressings, and bundles remaining, including "Presenting Michael Weiss" RVG LPs.

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With one week remaining in my Kickstarter campaign we've met our minimum funding goal to go forward. The actual cost of production is considerably higher than that so I hope to meet the shortfall in the remaining week. I'm offering two new rewards that should appeal to serious jazz fans in the New York area: In addition to a signed, numbered double LP set, receive two complimentary passes to meet and hear Michael Weiss –

perform with the George Coleman Quintet at Smoke Jazz Club, NYC for one set. Choose from December 19, 20, 21 or 22, 2019. Sets at 7:00p, 9:00p, & 10:30p. Set choice based on availability at the time of your pledge. $250 Limit: 2

perform with his trio at Mezzrow Jazz Club, NYC for one set. Choose from January 31 or February 1, 2020. Sets at 7:30p and 9:00p Set choice based on availability at the time of your pledge. $150 Limit: 2

The Kickstarter expires the afternoon of December 12.

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The Kickstarter expires in 24 hours. There are several enticing rewards to choose from. Please take a look and listen if you haven't already.