You Asked For It, But This Weekend Only!

Readers asked for a few more files recorded using the SAT arm.

So here they are. But these will only be up through the weekend.

Both were were sourced from original "RL" pressings using the same chain as the "Copland" piece.

(Files removed)

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I love the semi-hidden aspect of the anti-skate weight on the arm.

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The more exposure I am having to this piece of hardware, the more I am admiring it. It's not just the sound - I could stare at it all day....

Does anyone know what that small rotary knob on the left side of the base does? Is it to adjust azimuth and if so, how does it work exactly?

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I've ever hear this song. Just a little out of my league.

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Which one did you listen to?
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Do you have the recent 45 RPM ORG reissue of In the Wind? Although I am mostly classical I buy a few popular oldies here and there - especially if they are ORG or Analogue Productions. It is my next purchase and it is a fantastic acoustic, intimate recording and I'd love to hear what your front end can do with that ORG reissue.

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But can't transfer anything at the moment. System is apart. I had those files archived...
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Damn that Zeppelin sounds GOOD.

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1. What pressing of WLOL is that? An original RL? Sounds different from my 200g Classic Records version.
2. Were these also digitized A-->D via the Lynx Hilo?
3. What software are you using to handle the recording duties?

I've recently been digitizing some of my favorite pressings to 24/192 to play on Pono (LKV Phono 2SB-->Focusrite Forte-->Vinyl Studio or Pure Vinyl), but some transfers exhibit a "hashy-sizzly" sound that is missing from your files (also played on the Pono). Either it's user error setting the levels possibly, or differences in my A-->D or software (or maybe audiophile nervosa).

In any event - thanks for posting these - they have been fun to listen to, and i'm now turned on to Fanfare for the Common Man (unexpectedly)! And now for something completely different:

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It would be the Lynx as Michael said the equipment was the same. Just a remote stab in the dark regarding your transcription issues. I would be able to reproduce the issue you have on my workstation were I to mismatch sample rates in the software and hardware. For example, in certain circumstances, if the software recording sample rate is different to the sample rate you set in the ADC, some real time resampling would be going on which may be of poor quality. As I say that is a big generalisation and there are many ways to avoid such a mistake, but I put it out there as it would definitely cause that "sound".

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I also have an original RL of The Band, and of course that track is a good one for for checking low end reproduction... I just listened to my own needledrop for comparison... of course yours sounds better. Low end extension is a bit deeper, and it's overall just more refined sounding... but it also made me happy with what I've got, because the overall difference was not that huge (my kit is worth around $5k). Thanks for the chance to compare.

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I really liked A the best and that was from my comment. I'll bet on your Caliburn these files are really something.

Thanks for all the work you put into this. Surely the best needle-drops ever.

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The keeper track on that pressing is not "Whole Lotta Love", but "Moby Dick". The hand drums move backward and forward in 3d space In the mix - it's very well mic'ed and mixed, and magnificently mastered.

It's the one reason (IMO) to still look for the RL.

The current, digitally sourced LP reissue *does* the 3d hand drum thing better than the Classic, if you ask me.

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Off topic (sorry) but have you heard, heard of, or reviewed the FM ACOUSTICS 223, a phono preamp from Switzerland that has de-click, de-crackle capabilities? I just watched a video on their website that's intreaguing. If the unit performs as well as they say it does (and what I heard on the video) it could be the perfect partner for the laser turntable that's plagued with such noise, as well as, of course, old scratchy records.

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Thanks Michael,
At Newport this year I heard a rip of this track that you'd made on the Kaiser Kawero speakers and it was the highlight of the show for me. I'll have to see how my sonic memory interprets this rip on my system.
See you on August 22nd in Orinda, California for the San Francisco Audiophile Society events!

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delectable, nourishing music. This time I listened on my bigger (relatively) rig (Squeezebox Touch, Empirical Synchro-Mesh, MuFi X-DAC v3, X-Can v3 (I upgraded the horrid little stock output caps), LCD-3s) and was transfixed. My hat is off. $28k for a tonearm is insane. Rave on SAT, rave on, rave on.

Henry Aguado

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I'm getting some distortion on my computer audio system (MacBook Air --> Benchmark DAC2-->HD600) that I don't hear on other 96/24 files. I'm interested in hearing these correctly so I'll try other equipment.

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Love the two tracks and they both sounded great on my main system. My wife even commented on the low end authority. Next looking forward to listening to them on my laptop with the Audeze LCD-X headphones.

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I listened again using completely different equipment: computer, operating system, software, DAC, and headphones. The nature of the distortion I heard remained exactly the same. The distortion is similar to the distortion on peaks when I digitize vinyl and the level is set too high. But others did not report any issues so I'm not ruling out operating error on my end.

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I also think that the recordings sound distorted, just as you described Jay_S. It sounds like the recording volume is set too high.

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The levels were not set too high, there is no clipping on either file. I played them on a windows machine using Foobar2000>USB cable> Schiit Bifrost> Outlaw 2150 (also used my headphone amp).

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There is a difference between clipping and distortion ; )

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You can't have clipping without distortion as clipping IS distortion.

But you can have distortion without clipping.


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I know. ;)

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Well put Mark, thats what i meant but couldn't found the words, thanks : )


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I have a tendency to pedantry as it can be entertaining sometimes. As in:

"What was Joe's wife's name?"

"The same as it is today I expect"

He just didn't ask the right question :)


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Loved the Copland. Thanks for posting.
I picked that one up at THE Show this year.
I'm seeing "Files Removed" above. Anyone else? I'd love to hear more.....