Mobile Fidelity's Long Awaiting Line of Turntables, Cartridges and Electronics Now Available

Mobile Fidelity's long-awaited line of analog-related electronics, turntables and cartridges announced some time ago and shown at various consumer and trade shows is now available.

The new Mobile Fidelity line, designed with the help of industry veterans, includes a pair of turntables available with or without Mobile Fidelity cartridges. The StudioDeck turntable with 10" arm 3/4" Delrin® platter and removable dustcover weighs 19 pounds and costs $999. $1149 adds factory-aligned StudioTracker cartridge (a $50.00 saving).

The Ultradeck turntable with 10" arm, 1.3" tall Delrin® platter and removable dustcover weights 23 pounds. $1999.00 adds factory aligned UltraTracker cartridge ($300 savings).

Standard on both 'tables are HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems) designed anti-vibration feet, an inverted bearing system featuring tightly toleranced steel and bronze components and highly adjustable gimbaled bearing arms.

The three new cartridges are the StudioTracker MM with elliptical stylus and grey polymer body ($199) the UltraTracker MM with nude elliptical stylus and silver billet 6061 body ($499) and the MasterTracker MM with Microline™ stylus, Ohno copper coils and grey billet 6061 body ($699).

The two new phono preamps are the StudioPhono MM/MC featuring adjustable impedance and gain, subsonic filter and mono mode ($249) and the UltraPhono MM/MC, which includes a built-in Class A headphone amp ($499).

For more details and images please visit the Mobile Fidelity Electronics website.

Jeffrey Lee's picture

For those who hate to do math, the UltraDeck is $1799 without a cartridge.

Keen Observer's picture

Aren't you a dollar off: 1999 - (499 - 300) = 1800

Nice to see that MoFi publishes a set of specs for the turntable and tonearm, unlike some other manufacturers where the marketing description of features are presented as specs.

Jeffrey Lee's picture

No. I went to MoFi's website to get the price.

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browser says could be an attacker trying to get on my connection. I use VPN, probably something to do with that.

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MOFI vs CLIFFWOOD (the 900 buck turntable shootout)

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...something very strange going on here. Or is it just me...?

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Back in the day audiophile turntables usually came minus the tone arm. That made comparison of tables fairly simple because they were mated with tone arms (and cartridges) of known quality (SME, Ittok, Rega) and we were quickly able to sort the cream (Linn Sondek?) from the dross (direct drive horrors). Today tables invariably come with a custom tone arm, how is a consensus reached regarding the best value turntables? Perhaps there never is a value consensus?
Just wonderin'. Full disclosure I havn't bought a turntable since my early 80s Dual.

Belbo's picture

Hi Michael,

Great site first of all! Did you get a chance to test the StudioPhono and if not are you planning to? It would be interesting to see how it does vs competitors at this level (Schiit Mani, Ifi), thanks, Peter