Musical Fidelity MX-Vinyl Phono Stage Sweepstakes

Register to win a Musical Fidelity MX-Vinyl Phono Stage we are giving away.

According to the company:

The MX-VYNL is a fully balanced, very high performance phono stage, able to operate with virtually any moving coil or moving magnet cartridge. With both traditional RCA inputs and our unique XLR fully balanced connection the MX-VYNL can be connected to 2 turntables simultaneously.

The MX-VNYL offers a wide range of input impedance settings for moving coil cartridges as well as several capacitance settings for moving magnet units. Unlike many of our competitors units the MX-VYNL allows easy adjustment of these settings while playing. This allows easy experimentation and tuning to find the optimum setting for all your equipment.

The MX-VYNL also includes our renowned RIAA correction that offers extremely accurate results to beyond 80kHz. That may sound extreme, but there is a good deal of information above 20 kHz that needs correction. If it isn’t corrected, it will show itself as ringing and overshoot.

With both extraordinarily low noise and exceptional overload margin the MX-VYNL can comfortably handle even the most demanding of cartridges and satisfy the most discerning of listeners.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

texanalog's picture

Wish me luck! I'm looking to upgrade my phono pre and this would allow me to connect my second turntable.

Ktracho's picture

I'm a fan of Musical Fidelity products.

Barry Brennan's picture

Lucky comment number 150!

mjunk's picture

Sold my phono preamp and almost bought the PS audio. Good thing I read the review here on Analog Planet. Maybe I'll get lucky.

dcpantsandpickles's picture

Thanks for the opportunity and hope to win....looks like a great phono stage!

Dobro910's picture

Yes, please! Good luck to all who enter.

Cthulhu750's picture

I could use this in my growing system!

Chris Everhart's picture

Just what the doctor ordered.

asherrick's picture

It might be time to upgrade my Schiit!

Cohnbread's picture

Would sure love to give this a spin

saronian's picture

More Vnyl please

Avehein's picture
saxman73's picture

I'd love to hook up two turntables at the same time!

tpk's picture

I think this will be a great upgrade

mcrushing's picture

This is a great prize. Would love to hear it in my system.

BillyJ's picture

Here's hoping.

galacticz00's picture

For a great piece of kit.

Catcher10's picture

Thanks for the opportunity

allwright4's picture

This would be perfect for me!

Michael Brucker's picture

Can't wait to hook this up to my system.

Lincoln Matt's picture

Two inputs you say? No more need to switch cables between turntables!

Vincentz's picture

I hate to win anything!

posterboy75's picture

i SO need this!

teenage diplomat's picture

Great looking unit. Only thing to improve is the background - my bench please!

jrhud's picture

count me in

plasmodium's picture

Count me in, thanks!

ravenswood's picture

pre-amp for me

madoco's picture


rtrt's picture

I would very much like a new phono stage

patreides's picture

Looks like a great product!

Gotwoody's picture

Would be perfect for my two turntables

ajablue's picture

Would love to win this so I could go from my MM cartridge to a low output MC. I have read about this phono preamp before and the dial for impedance looks like a great feature! Good luck to all.

JeffreyPT's picture

Yes, I win.

jmset315's picture

Need a new phono amp!

mwaehner's picture

Let's do this

Fulford's picture

Just about to upgrade to my first MC cartridge and need a MC phono stage. This looks ideal.

richiep's picture

As you stated in your RSD article, don't be a pig! You practice what you preach, that's why you have established your self as a credible journalist. (your much more than that) That looks like a great Phono Pre, now I have to upgrade my current Table and it justify's purchasing a second one for Mono. Thanks for the opportunity it's fun hoping for a chance to obtain some Audiophile equipment without having an explanation for the wife.

jdmoviebuff's picture

Let’s win this !

buhaina_delight's picture

Musical Fidelity phono stage would be great upgrade. Count me in

anomaly7's picture

I’d love to see the full review, or better still, own one myself.

jbeal's picture

Yes, please... make my ears enjoy it!

estimatedprophet's picture

... and I could easily roll with that Preamp

kozakjj's picture

Pick me

turntable_life's picture

I’d love to hear this with my newly acquired Technics 1200G!

vuckozagi's picture

I like the adjustability from front panel but is it really better then LX2-LPS?

UA1229's picture

Could use the upgrade on my degrading system.

mikhita's picture

i need it!

Tyawn's picture

I would love to give it a try

jek's picture

Looks great. Would love it!

dual cassette deck's picture

Yes please, thanks.

vinylvin's picture


matthra's picture

Would love to win.

Ryan_Pretzel's picture

Thanks for the opportunity here and best of luck to all!

evilroyslade's picture

What a great giveaway.
Love to have it!

latinaudio's picture

This Musical Fidelity looks like a good investment for vinyl playback.
Hope I´ll win it !!!

gak27's picture know, pick me...

palasr's picture


TinEar's picture

Count me in!!

jeni83's picture

I could use this to try an MC cart!

King10's picture

Looks good. I’ve owned an MF A1 for 30 years! Still working and sounding good.

tbromgard's picture

hopefully i will get the chance

audiot's picture

Yes I am! Please sir, may I win this time?

DaveWV's picture


Myshisha's picture!

Bill Pirrung's picture

I can REALLY use this!!

Relayer74's picture

Count me in for this one!

Hajidub's picture

Hope it comes this way!

Jonathanmele's picture

Looks lovely!

Brother John's picture

Made In Chinese sweatshop nice.

DocSamG's picture

I have an all musical fidelity system and would love to add the phono pre.

TerryWI's picture

Will this increase the musical fidelity of my system?

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

simply me's picture

Obligatory message inserted here.

Mantro's picture

Been looking to move from MM to MC. This would help

sennj's picture

Thanks for the chance!

2channelguy's picture

This will give me a good excuse to upgrade my equipment

echo's picture


RCZero's picture

Would be useful to this guy on a budget!

OldStyleAudio's picture

How can Pass this up

amoore's picture

One of my first purchases was the x10v3 tube buffer...

Anodyne71's picture

Would love to try this phono stage out! Thanks for the great website and for the sweepstakes!

Audiobill's picture

Passive preamp needs lotsa gain with my MC cartridge.

LPStriker's picture

...and this would go magnificently well with it!

Spee77's picture

Pretty please!

beauxbeltran's picture

I'll play.

MikeT's picture

This is something I really need, would take my vinyl experience to new heights. Hopefully!!

3tecate's picture

oh yes, please

terrybbagit's picture

Could sure use one

Bigmule1972's picture

Love these promotions!!

virtualbryan's picture

I have a spot ready for this stage....

ananed's picture

would love this!!!

Corsair's picture

May the wax
wax on

mauidj's picture

for my Soundsmith cartridge.

jeremyquam's picture

I REALLY would love to add this to my system!!!!!

stilespj's picture

My present preamp, circa 1977, is having mechanical issues and should be replaced with something more modern and better sounding.


larrymroy's picture

My gramophone could certainly use it.

joaor100's picture

It would go well with the rest of my MF gear.

pmik's picture

Nice amp...

charleslo88's picture

It would be too nice to have one and pair it with the MX headphone amplifier!


Great unit

MarshallGooch's picture

Is something I need to improve at. And ending sentences with a preposition.

Analog Fidelity's picture

And see how it competes with my Analog Fidelity ARC PH5 Special Edition!

longlivethequeen's picture

I love the smell of vinyl. It smells of VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

DBeegle's picture


Stevie_C's picture


jneber's picture

Count me in!

Record Bore's picture

I deserve this!

Mudfoot's picture

Neato! If i win this, it will make my Crosley sound AMAZING! (OK, that’s a lie. I don’t own a Crosely, and nothing coukd make that sound amazing.....wait, is Crosley profane?)

Tombby's picture

I need a decent phono pre like you wouldn’t believe. But I hope you do believe me.
I need a decent phono pre..amp..please..

fredbro44's picture

Yes please need one .

fredbro44's picture
fredbro44's picture

Yes please need one .

rrvillan's picture

I would love to win the MX-VYNL phono stage

David62's picture

I would like to try a new phono stage.

Randy Nuss's picture

I'm new here. Thanks!

Tony C's picture

Great stuff. I hope I'm random!

iliveinyourhead's picture

Thank you in advance

bootlegger's picture

I want one!

garymckee's picture
JBryan's picture

I'm in!

fehmann's picture

I will find a worthy home for it.

danp's picture

I could use this and it is probably better than what I'm using now. I'll let you all know after I win it and listen to it. Thanks

Eddie R's picture

A great amp. Sorely missed.

Big Cap's picture


Fiskemicke's picture

I like it

uncle lump's picture

just because

adcastro's picture

This would look good in my audio rack...

CouryT's picture

I foresee a much-needed upgrade to install...

GolmoDiplo's picture

I'm in.

Jumping Bean's picture

looks like a stellar piece of gear!

mzeigler's picture

Very nice!