Neil Young's Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert To Stream October 26th Live On Line For First Time

Neil Young's annual Bridge benefit concert streams for the first time on line live from the Shoreline Amphitheatre on October 26th. This year's lineup includes CSN&Y, Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, My Morning Jacket, Jack Johnson, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Fun, Heart and Jenny Lewis, not all of them will play both days, however.

The webcast begins Saturday 5PM, PST and runs for eight hours. You can watch the concert at the Bridge School website where you can also watch previous year's highlights.

Young and his wife Pegi developed the annual show, which began in 1986 to benefit the school, which their son Ben attended.

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Or is it just me?

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the show was streamed online last year. I know because I watched it.

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but good to know!

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Can't friggen wait to see Tom Waits perform!

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I attended the entire concert on Sunday, and had the blessed fortune of sitting close to the stage in the 12th row. I can attest that Tom Waits was friggin AWESOME!!

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Good fortune indeed!  I just wish I had 12th row seats.  We were on the lawn, about mid way back and about mid way over.

I watched the stream on Saturday and the show on Sunday.  When Tom came on everybody stood up and paid attention.  Tom just killed!  One would think that every one of the 22000 in attendance was there for Tom.  For somebody who doesn't get out much he was right on.  His band was spot on too.  Just the level of skill shown makes me wonder if they are preparing a tour.  Or maybe they are just always great musicians.  

The tribute to Lou Reed (Sweet Nuthin') performed by My Morning Jacket and several guests was also amazing.  

Best show seen this year.  Neal knows how to put on some good entertainment!  My first Bridge School Benefit and I'm sure to be back!

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My son and I went both days and what an incredible experience to see so many great musicians on one venue.  Fantastic.  I can't believe it was my first year doing this and for such a great cause.  Every act was great.  Elvis Costello and Diana Krall were great fun and the bands I was not familiar with (but my son was) were equally good (fun., etc.).  CSNY were great in an acoustic environment (with the disabled kids there I wonder if that was for their benefit rather than electric being so loud).  This event should be on everyone's "bucket list".  For a long, long time.