New Line of Record Care Accessories From Vinyl Styl

The Vinyl Styl line of record care accessories distributed by Alliance is a throwback to the days when you'd find many of these items at the check-out counter of your favorite record store.

The products include "archive quality" 3-ply HDPE (AKA "rice paper") inner sleeves ($19.99 for 50), a plastic record clamp that will be familiar to many from "the past" ($14.99), outer protective poly sleeves ($9.99 for 50), an anti-static brush ($14.99), an isopropyl alcohol based stylus cleaning fluid kit with stiff bristle brush ($14.99), a "deep cleaning" system ($14.99) and a 12" anti-static cork platter mat ($19.99), among others.

Also just released is the company's "Deep Groove" Record Washing system, one of which just arrived for review. All of these products appear to be well-made and well thought out and were developed by industry veterans, not by market exploiters.

The best part is that these are likely to be widely distributed so that young people buying records will see them and hopefully get the message about good record and stylus hygiene. (if you go to the website please try to ignore the suitcase turntables).

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But after so many examples over recent years and Mike's recent video issuing the facts in Orange County, I'm finally getting it. We're not just the "odd" or "select" few hanging on to something vintage any longer. We're ground breakers, earth shakers, trail blazers........WELL, not really.......but it sure is fun seeing what's happening to what we love! We're for real baby!!

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I say don't ignore anything that gets vinyl back into hands of young people. A $99 suitcase turntable might be just the thing that an 18 year old off to college would need to ignite the fire!

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I suspect that an 18 year old who might buy a suitcase turntable is unlikely to be here. But I agree, in principle, that starting with a cheap setup might lead to a deeper interest in future

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It really doesn't matter if the 18 year old that buys a suitcase turntable comes to the analoplanet. What counts is their desire for sound quality and the desire to buy music that sounds good. I would welcome them to this website, so they can learn more about better sound, but they have to start somewhere. and $100 TT is a good place to begin the plight of upgrades.

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we still need all these accessories to keep vinyl clean after all these years. if only the record manufacturers would make the vinyl surface slightly conductive, our records would never become statically charged dust magnets. it can easily be done- static free vinyl flooring used to be common in hospital construction- just a little carbon black in the mix and our records would be as easy to clean as a CD. for the premium we pay for vinyl these days, especially audiophile releases, there is no excuse for not advancing the material technology to make them maintenance free.

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