New Los Angeles Area Vinyl Mastering Facility Opens

Elysian Masters today announced its new Los Angeles "vinyl lacquering studio".

The facility added this year "... a new room fitted with a vintage VMS66 lathe, completely overhauled and subjected to listening tests, modifications, and technical optimizations for months on end. Our dedicated cutting staff, head up by Nick Townsend and Chris Noel, now provides lacquering for your projects at the highest levels of fidelity."

The press release included this: "The summer roadmap here includes high resolution MQA integration in both rooms, and commissioning a new custom Studer / Ampex hybrid tape machine for tape-sourced mastering and historic remasters. This system provides the best combination of sensitive tape handling and resolved playback of analog master recordings."

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The press release states that the facility "includes high resolution MQA integration". This has me wondering whether they are capable of directly producing AAA vinyl or if the MQA is inherent in their mastering process. Confusing, and even if the MQA processing is reserved for digital recordings, what purpose would it serve as I view MQA's advantages primarily as a means of compressing high resolution digital into a more compact streaming format? Hope someone can enlighten me.