Spinroad Vinyl Factory, A New Pressing Plant, Opens in Gothenburg, Sweden

Spinroad Vinyl Factory just opened within Spinneriet (The Cotton Mill), an old textile factory located in the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. It's currently Sweden's only pressing plant. Currently the facility has two presses. Of course they are the new Pheenix Alpha presses made in Solna, Sweden. For now lacquer cutting and plating is done in The Netherlands (probably at Record Industry) but the company hopes to eventually add that to the in-house mix.

The picture is of the Spinneriet facility that houses photographers, interior designers, ceramic artists, restaurants and a fully equipped analog recording studio featuring a Neve mixing console, vintage microphones and a Yamaha grand piano. There's also a Linn dealer on the premises and a kindergarten to take care of the children while the adults play.

The pressing plant is fully booked for the foreseeable future.

A new Pheenix Alpha hides within the frame

A Closer Look

A 2" 24 Track Studer

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Always good to see another pressing plant come on-line. With an analog recording studio in the complex, a Linn dealer, and lacquer cutting on the way, one could make an analog recording, cut it, press it, and spin the LP at the Linn dealer!

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All available in one place now that TML is installed @ Acoustic Sounds / Analogue Productions.