News from AMG, DS Audio and Clearaudio in the Musical Surroundings Room

In the Musical Surroundings room at RMAF 2016, Michael Fremer learned about a significant upgrade to AMG's tone arm, saw and heard the new top of the line DS Audio Master 1 optical cartridge and electronics as well as a new Clearaudio turntable upgrade.

The AMG arm is now far easier to set up and adjust—all without tools. The DS Audio cartridge now uses a wire suspension similar to what's used in standard magnetic cartridges, which makes it more stable and compatible with more tone arms. Clearaudio has upgraded one of its more popular turntables.

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During the Clearaudio Performance DC Wood description, the Satisfy Carbon Fiber tonearm was mistakenly referred to as the Satisfy Carbon Ceramic tonearm. The tonearm shown in this package is the Clearaudio Satisfy Carbon Fiber.

Thanks again for stopping by our room at RMAF.

Ian Taylor Sutton
Digital Communications & Marketing Manager
Musical Surroundings