SweetVinyl Launches SugarCube SC-1 Pop and Tick Remover

AnalogPlanet has been covering SweetVinyl's development of its SugarCube SC-2 vinyl recording platform, an easy to use vinyl to high resolution digital recorder that, among other things, pulls album art off the internet and automatically separates album tracks.

It's about ready to launch, but based upon consumer feedback the company's first product will be the SugarCube SC-1, a simpler box that digitizes the signal at 192/24 bit resolution and then uses a "non-destructive" real time program that removes pops and clicks without, the company claims, damaging the music.

The feature is also found in the SC-2, but for those who just want the pop and click removal feature this stand-alone box does that for $1500. In addition to real-time, non-destructive click & pop Removal the SC-1 features user controllable click & pop removal "strength", a pushbutton audiophile-grade "bypass" that lets you hear non-digitized versus digitized signal (for when you don't need pop and click removal), iOS and Android mobile app control and 192/24 bit hi-res digital processing.

The record used for the demo was purposely badly messed up and through the box sounded pristine. The bypass test showed (under show conditions, etc.) almost imperceptible differences between the analog pass-through and the digitized version.

When a review sample arrives, it will get a thorough sonic evaluation but based on what was presented at RMAF 2016 this will be an extremely useful product for many of us. The price is $1500.

Zardoz's picture

What was feeding this? TT/arm/cart and phono amp?

Mistermuse1's picture

Would love more info on how this works exactly. Using Click Repair in manual mode can be very tedious.

Krisbee's picture

There was for several years ClickRepairRT which did this in real time - there are some videos on youtube of it in action. The author of the program recently discontinued it, though.

Chemguy's picture

...you get a review sample very soon, Mr. Fremer! I am almost too interested in getting an SC-1!
I'm just imagining my original CSN album all cleaned up in real time...

SeagoatLeo's picture

I am very interested in using this device for LPs and 78s; however, would you use this device in your $250,000 analog system for noisy records (if you have any, such as due to bad vinyl)? I have 37,000 LPs and 78s and cannot clean away bad vinyl, used vinyl damages or many 78rpm surface noise. It sounds nearly perfect for those records. Would you also use it without a loss of sonic quality from your best records? My own analog system costs only $28,000 (mod VPI TNT VI, mod SME IV, Benz Ruby 3, isolation bases, EAR 324 and my custom tube phono-pre/SUT).

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