Newvelle Records Breaks Open Boxes For Record Store Day

Subscription-based Newvelle Records announced it was breaking open the boxes for Record Store Day. In other words, tomorrow, Record Store Day, you can go to the Newvelle website and buy individual records of the "complete remaining discography". That means if they have it in stock you can buy it one record at a time tomorrow only!.

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Except for Thomas and Marsalis, not clear where these are located on Newvelle site.

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like the Cover and vibraphone generally.

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Two Jazz titles to look for today, Quiet Kenny, Kenny Dorham's classic 1959 Mono album recorded by Rudy Van Gelder. All-Analog mastering from the original Mono tapes by Kevin Gray and pressed at RTI. Harold Land's Westward Bound, set of unissued live recordings from the Penthouse in Seattle from 1962,1964 and 1965. also mastered by Kevin Gray from the original tape reels. I am having some vinyl friends over this afternoon and we will be listening to some of the records we purchased this morning. I will update you on the sound and pressing quality at a later date. If you see these out day today pick them up.

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Great music and from tape but this was a radio broadcast and the microphone feed was sent to the studio via a specially equalized telephone line so don't expect great sound, but do expect great music!
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Had an opportunity to listen this afternoon , if you are into Jazz get this today, tomorrow at the latest. Stunning sound, RTI pressing is a little noisy but does not detract from the music. I will update tomorrow on the Harold Land title.

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Kevin Gray did an amazing job on the Land record, for me this is why Record Store Day is so awesome. You have the opportunity to discover great music you may never have heard of. Up until Friday I had never heard of either Harold Land or Kenny Dorham. Growing up in Toronto in the 1960's we would go down to Sam the Record Man on Saturday and pick up new music, go back to one of my friend's homes and listen to the days record haul. This past Saturday I was able to recreate that experience with two new young friends just getting into vinyl.This is for me what makes Record Store Day so special.

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I purchased both the Marsalis/Marsalis and the Reid/Fortner and they are musically and sonically superb. Rufus Reid's take on "Duke Ellington's Song of Love" is exquisite, Ellis Marsalis' piano sound is perfect. Everything I've bought from Newvelle has been great music and great sonics. Huge congratulations to them for producing new jazz that sounds great. Record Jaime Branch!