Now! You Can Own Every Record Ever Made!

(Note: over time since this was first posted, we've gotten complaints from some readers about glaring omissions in the Mog "catalog." No Kinks, among others.

We probably should have made clear that we were saying "every record every made" with tongue firmly in cheek. No doubt there are holes, some gaping, in the Mog catalog that hopefully will be filled over time by licensing deals.)—MF

Maybe it was a National Lampoon spoof or perhaps some other '70s comedy entity was responsible for it, but a parody of a long-running ad for one of the record clubs popular back then began with a boisterous pitch-man coming on the tube and saying "Now! You can own every record ever made!"

The rest of the ad was just a silly claim that you can sign up for a service and get "every record ever made."

Of course it was a goof, but now you literally can get virtually every record ever made at the push of a button, for the ridiculously low sum of $5.00 a month!

Yes, it's true.

Now I realize you are interested in audio quality and what I'm about to tell you is an MP3 service but consider this:, which started life as a music review "social" network, sort of like Facebook, now offers a $5.00 a month service that lets you stream and hear virtually every song ever recorded using a digital skin that is fast, easy and fun.

To test the service I signed up and did a search on some obscure 45rpm singles I'd bought in Jamaica during the early 1970's.

I typed in "Lloydie and the Lowbites" and the tune "Skanky Pum-Pum" and damn if it didn't show up and start playing within a few seconds!

I tried four other Jamaican singles I thought were obscure and they too showed up and began playing. I was impressed. And the sound quality was at 320kps, the highest MP3 quality at this time.

When you sign up, you will find that you can create a virtual radio station that will play every song ever made by a particular artist, should you wish.

For instance, you can choose Peter Gabriel and it will begin playing Peter Gabriel tunes until you've had your fill. You can do that with any artist you choose.

You can also listen to playlists created by your favorite musicians.

There's also a virtual slider that you can move from full on the artist you've chosen to an "artists like" side of the slider, which will then begin playing artists that are "like" the artist you've originally selected.

The more you push the lever to the side opposite the artist you've originally chosen, the more varied the programming.

So let's say we post a review on for certain record. You can go to and listen to it before buying to see if you like the music.

All you have to do then is check's sound rating and you'll know the music and the sound before plunking down the bigger bucks to own the vinyl or CD.

I think for $5.00 a month this is a no-brainer! You can listen to everything to your heart's content and listen before buying vinyl.

Soon will have a downloadable iPhone (and other smartphone) app that will allow you to stream directly on your phone, or for an additional monthly fee, download the tunes to the phone.

Pretty amazing don't you think?

The one artist not on the service is/are The Beatles.

Otherwise, you'll have just about every song ever recorded almost instantly. Amazing.

Go to for a free trial. (Note: This will not work in every country due to licensing restrictions).