Portugal-Based Sempersonus Introduces New Epicyclic Drive Turntable

Sempersonus, a new audio company based in Lisbon, Portugal just announced its first product: a turntable based upon an idler wheel-type drive it calls "Epicyclic Drive", because the motor and pulley directly drive the platter's inner rim.

The company claims the design produces qualities similar to that of a direct drive turntable but that the higher motor speed lowers the cogging and potential vibration transfer to the platter. In addition, the press release claims, "... modern rubber compounds, motors and specially digital electronics, could go a long way in eliminating the “dreaded” rumble from Idlers of yore. That was our driving force, but we didn't stop there. Fighting resonances across the complete reproduction path meant using compound construction techniques almost at every point. The plinth in particular, uses a steel/concrete construction, that although costly, strongly contributes to the excellent results achieved."

Cost? The Te1 ready to play fitted with a Jelco SA-750EB and Denon DL-110 has an FOB Lisbon cost of 5,800 Euros (approximately $6800) with delivery expected second quarter 2018. The new company currently lacks distribution, so if you are interested contact it directly at info@sempersonus.com.

Hear a "rip" of Roxy Music's "Avalon" here:


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Trying to reach the above website, www.sempersonus.com, results in "DNS can not be found".

In any event, I know that idler wheel drive turntables are a favorite of many designers, including Harry Weisfeld.

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https://sempersonus.com worked for me.

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My Neat Shield MO-19 idler is an inner rim drive as well. While I do have a bit of rumble to address, the Shield is one excitingly great table to listen to. I'd love to hear this one.

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Even with "only" a 2M Blue used in that needle drop, not to mention the subsequent compressed squash from YouTube, the best qualities of that recording come through.

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That's a very interesting entry into the new table world. I have a Lenco and fully restored Thorens 124 in layered plinths, and do appreciate what they offer. I'm not one of the "idler or nothing" folks but they certainly have a captivating sense of rhythm, scale and drive.