Pro-Ject Announces 5 New Analog Products

Pro-Ject just announced a pair of low cost MM/MC phono preamps and a pair of sophisticated "record cleaning arms" and in the press release re-launched the $1999 Phono Box RS2.

The Phono Box S2 Ultra (top right in photo) is a $349 fully discreet phono preamp (no op-amps) featuring audiophile grade polystyrene capacitors, "precise split RIAA EQ", six adjustable gain levels (40dB to 63dB), 10/100/1k and 47kOhms resistive loading and 100/220pF capacitive loading and a switchable -18dB@20Hz subsonic filter all housed in an interference reducing solid metal case.

The limited edition ($399) Phono Box Ultra 500 celebrates Pro-Ject's 500,000th Phono Box that shipped in early 2018 with innards similar to the S2 but with a copper clad enclosure for superior shielding and a luxurious chrome finish.

The two record sweepers are sophisticated versions of devices familiar to older audiophiles that clean dust as the record plays. The "Sweep It E" ($99) features a 226mm long aluminum arm (available in black or silver) attached to a heavy weight stand (total weight 430g) terminated in a soft "hair" brush that tracks the record and cleans it ahead of the stylus. An integrated arm rest provides a convenient location when not in use.

The "Sweep It S2" ($129) features a patented Neodymium magnetic stabilization system, is height adjustable and avoids "skating" common to most record brooms. Length and weight are the same as the E version. The height adjustment allows you to horizontally align the device to insure the correct circa 6g tracking force of the natural hair brush.

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Are the brushes available separately ?

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They really do da great job of offering common sense, affordable products that anyone can use.

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We used a similar product in the 70's. The pronounced drag would slow the table the most at the circumference and gradually speed up as it approached the center. So much for pitch stabilization.

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I'd say the more costly of the two, which controls "tracking force" would solve that issue for all but the meekest of drives.
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I'm a big fan of Pro-Ject. I have three of their DAC Box S2+, one on every system I have. And their budget phono preamp is really nice.

But their product lines are confusing at first glance and the way their site is laid out it makes it hard so skim all of their DACs quickly and compare them. You have to jump through each "line"