Pro-Ject The Beatles SGT. Pepper Essential III, Special Edition Turntable Sweepstakes

Register to win a Pro-Ject The Beatles SGT. Pepper Essential III, Special Edition Turntable (value $500.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"Pro-Ject is celebrating the 54th anniversary of a Beatles' landmark with our "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"-inspired Essential III turntable."


"This high-performance table is based on one of our most popular models and features variable 33/45 RPM speeds. It's also one of the most striking pieces in our entire collection. We're excited to be collaborating with our friends at Stereophile and Analog Planet to offer readers a chance to own this historic piece."

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

btonuzi's picture

....spin some tunes with lovely Rita...

jkingtut's picture

Random did somebody say random? They said it was a Revolution, or a Revolver, or damn! the thing just spins around!!

jimhb's picture

This would be an upgrade for me! I would love to have this!

AlienRendel's picture

all Beatles is good Beatles.'s picture

Looks great indeed.

Dobro910's picture

I'd like to take you home with me
I'd love to take you home

I'm In.

williamsims's picture

What a wonderful way to celebrate the birthday of a classic album!

virtualbryan's picture

comment for turntable

brednjam1's picture

My wife would love this!

Hermanenmonja's picture

Fine looking turntable! Would be perfect for a mono cartridge…
Good luck everybody!

capecodder's picture

Of course!!

mfritz's picture

great looking turntable!!!!

gonzo9437's picture

Never won anything but that’s a pretty nice looking TT!

Steve Arnold's picture

Would love to play Sgt. Pepper on Sgt. Pepper

rosiemax's picture

I too am greedy and also undeserving.

AnalogJ's picture

I love the look of this!

RubenH's picture

a TT themed on the "British Byrds" - would be thrilled to win it.

pschafer's picture

Love it! And it just so happens that I'm looking to upgrade my 1980's turntable!

jrobinson's picture


Valicious's picture

They are one of those bands that’s a must-listen

Keen Observer's picture

I read the news today. Oh boy, I won a turntable.

vinylvin's picture


StonedBeatles1's picture

Good luck to all!

arcman67's picture

I would love to win this

bkaminski12's picture

When I'm 64!

Trekmaster's picture

Loved me some Beatles gear.

drobin71's picture

Funny if this table was a dedicated mono setup.

Audiomutt's picture

It may or may not be my time to win one of these give-a-ways, so here’s my entry.
Good luck to all.

Hajidub's picture

All I need is vinyl!

jeni83's picture

This would be a neat one to have. :)

somark37's picture

I'm in!

memyselfI67's picture

I remember breaking my older sisters Rubber Soul LP. I thought she was going to take my head off. But little brother went to Kresge and what magically appeared, no not Lucky Charms but a new copy of Rubber Soul on her bed!!! All's well in little brother land that day

Oxfordian's picture

With a little help from my friends this would be beautiful turntable to own and play some beautiful music from those Liverpool lads.

BowSum's picture

My birthday is in June. What a treat that would be!

Logansport Berry's picture

Count me in...

pelicor12345's picture

I love side 2 of Pepper and its running order: It's All Too Much, Strawberry Fields Forever, March of the Meanies, Carnival of Light, And I Love Her, and Revolution 9. One of the great underrated lost masterpieces.

concerto12's picture

Good Morning

twocubed's picture

If it doesn't sound better than what I own, I could just watch it spin...

Johnston65's picture

What a snazzy looking table.

I was actually looking into purchasing a Pro-Ject TT so it would be wonderful to win a sweepstakes! :o)

Bob Henneberger's picture

this would be perfect ,Project turntable FTW

cdvinyl's picture

I'll throw my hat into the game.

nelsonkiwi's picture

I'd love this and promise to take good care of it.

fredbro44's picture

Nothing to sneeze about. Yes love one

dmac's picture

Please pick me!

fredbro44's picture

Yes please

bcash96's picture

Bought this album in June of '67 without hearing a single song from it in advance. Still listening to it.

Bevisiscariot's picture

I need this!

FlorisW's picture

Woud love to win

brewerjordan's picture

This is great!

NWGopherFan's picture

Will this play anything by the Stones?

myheroiscoltrane's picture

Been wanting to hear this model's picture


Vinylhound's picture


seabigbass's picture

super table , pour mon petit fils.

deauguie's picture

And I love the Beatles. Make me a WINNER!!!

EricCuda's picture

Love the site and love Mr. Fremer's YouTubes...may the turntable (tracking) force be with us all!

uncle lump's picture

Special Edition Turntable

gmangman2's picture

I love The Beatles!

gmangman2's picture

I Love the Beatles

Buster's picture

Count me in!

audiojohn's picture

I’ve been a fan ever since I saw them on the Ed Sullivan Show! I really want this.

Vinylghost's picture

Replacing a Project for a Project.

Spicydave's picture

Will it still love me, when I'm 64?

Robert Scharf's picture

Beautiful! Exactly what you would expect from Pro-Ject for people who are big fans of The Beatles like my family and I. I always wanted a Pro-Ject turntable.

Fulford's picture

please, please me

Steelhead's picture

A fun prize
Happy to take a chance

Steelhead's picture

A fun prize
Happy to take a chance

ajpanic's picture

Pick me!

Patanalog's picture

Another hopeful!

fpinggera's picture

All you need is love....and a Pro-Ject turntable.

William Hobbs's picture

Love Love Love

Spencer's picture

I'll certainly take a chance. Would love it!

lawn_wrangler's picture

Hope I win!

Revfinder's picture

This would be awesome for my son!

JBryan's picture

Too pretty to cover the platter…

Xmilio's picture

What a stunning turntable!

nnicola's picture

I’m all in...

Boomer's picture

Did I win????

ajsnyder213's picture


Hefeman's picture

My Dc could use a friend.

crinc4's picture

I’m in

thatbobfella's picture

...and an awesome turntable!

melapa's picture

Would look right at home in mine.

melapa's picture

Beatles forever!

Sean's picture

Love the site and the look of the turntable.

handyman's picture

Looks like a winner!

DFacobbre's picture

its his if I win

vinylguy4's picture

Thanks for the opportunity, please enter me.

Analogico's picture

of Sgt. Pepper have covers where the tittle is translated as Sargento Pimienta. It really sonds funny that way. Was it translated in other countries like

TexDave1212's picture

Love to win a new Sgt. Pepper's Project turntable, my turntable bit the dust! Good luck to everyone, may the best person win!

jmq's picture

Beatles, you say?, I have a vague memory, but I just can't place them. I seem to remember some iconoclastic audiophiles raging that they never listened to them, and preferred Sinatra. Were the Beatles very popular?

drewmb1's picture

WIn, Win, Win.

AaronB's picture

thanks for the opportunity to win!

tprusin's picture

I hope to win!

Sandstrom's picture

That album contains my favorite Beatles tune "A Day in the Life" Good luck to all!! :)

Ktracho's picture

I bet it sounds even better played on this turntable!

psgott's picture

Good luck to all!