Record Doctor X Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine

Pangea Audio has just announced the soon-forthcoming Record Doctor X, a new edition of their acclaimed Record Doctor vacuum record cleaning machines that simultaneously cleans both sides of a record in order to “sav[e] time and effort over current versions” (their words).

The new Record Doctor X VRCM (a.k.a. the RDX) is said to remain faithful to the original RD series design by featuring the same vacuum motor and cleaning strip as other current RD models, as well as the “easy-to-place” compact cabinet and storage tank for the removal of “spent” record cleaning fluids.


New features added to the RDX include a bi-directional turning motor and a screw-down clamp system that secures and protects an LP’s label, alleviating the need to turn the record by hand. The 5in clamp sports a gasket that protects the label from fluid during record cleaning. Another benefit added to the RDX is a vacuum swing arm that vacuums the top surface of an LP while the bottom is vacuumed via a slot under the strip.

Included with the RDX VRCM is a Record Doctor Goat Hair Brush that features two rows of hundreds of all-natural goat hair bristles that provide “safe, deep cleaning of record grooves.” (As a standalone, this brush has an SRP of $29.95.)


The RDX VRCM also comes with Record Doctor’s RxLP cleaning solution in a 4oz fluid-applicator bottle, sweeper strips, a 6ft power cord, and illustrated cleaning instructions. The RDX measures 13 x 8.66 x 7in (w/h/d).

Like the majority of Pangea Audio products, the RDX VRCM is shipped in sturdy, eco-friendly, recyclable packaging that bypasses the use of Styrofoam.


The Record Doctor X vacuum record cleaning machine — which is available in both carbon-fiber vinyl and high-gloss black finishes — is scheduled to ship in mid-December, and it sports an SRP of $599.95. Seeing how much RCMs have been discussed in a good number of our Comments sections over the course of this past year, you can expect to see a hands-on review of the all-new RDX VRCM in the coming weeks, right here on AP.

For more about Pangea Audio, Record Doctor, and how to find an authorized dealer, go here.


Lemon Curry's picture

I have the fully manual model, one side at a time. It works amazingly well. If I encounter a very dirty LP or one with embedded grime, I'll use my spin clean first, then a distilled water rinse with the Record Doctor. The appeal of my setup is that it's the lowest price to do the most/best work. If I'm going to spend more I'd probably be looking at ultrasonic, perhaps the Kirmuss unit.

This unit moves into a crowded space of vacuum-based cleaners. I wish them luck, as I am a huge fan of my model.

volvic's picture

This is an excellent product; the only one I know that cleans both sides is the more expensive Clearaudio Matrix. If I owned one, I would have extra strips and be aware of the bottom ones not wearing out too quickly and exposing hard materials on the record when cleaning (this happened to a few of my records when I was using the Nitty Gritty when pressing down with a brush to apply the fluid). If I had a Kirmuss ultrasound cleaner that does not dry the record, I would get one of these and immediately dry and clean my record after removing it from the Kirmuss.

Glotz's picture

For $200-$250 less, one gets ultrasonic cleaning and drying. I have 2 Record Doctors- Mk5 and a Mk6. The Mk6 is a much better implemented product than the MK5. The record turner wears terribly over time, which necessitated the purchase of Mk6 prematurely.

A combo of HumminGuru and a Mk5 would be more cost effective and physically effective than a Spin Clean and an RDX, IMO. It's at least worth thinking about, as one would not use the Mk5 as much as a secondary role.

volvic's picture

Been tempted to take the plunge on one, but would like to hear what people think of it. Does it clean as well as a DeGritter? Another machine I covet.

HiFiMark's picture

I added a HumminGuru to my cleaning regimen and I'm very pleased. Discernible reduction in noise, though I don't use it as a stand alone method. My approach:
1) wet soak / scrub with Audio Intelligent #15 - hand dry
2) run through HG ultrasonic - with TergiKleen
3) vacuum w/ Nitty Gritty Mini Pro then distilled rinse & vac
(The NG applies and vacs both sides simultaneously)
1 & 3 as a process were good. Adding the HumminGuru took things to another level.
No basis for comparison with the DeGritter...
My method sounds a bit fussy, but it's really not too bad as you can do other things during soak and US phases.

volvic's picture

An interesting ritual you got but sounds solid. I might save my pennies for the DeGritter. Cheers !

vinyl listener's picture

Pretty useless used by itself. OK when combined with a good hand clean regime.

RichardAGarvey's picture

The Record Doctor X Vacuum Record Cleaning Machine seems like a game-changer for vinyl enthusiasts. Its advanced technology promises to revive old records to their former glory, ensuring a pristine listening experience. With its potential to attract audiophiles, this product could be a valuable asset for lead generation in the vinyl restoration market.