Rega Nd5 MM Cartridge

Rega does it again. Part of the company’s burgeoning Nd cartridge line, the Nd5 moving magnet (MM) cartridge is said to be a “world first” (their words) in terms of using a neodymium magnet — hence, the periodic table-like abbreviated “Nd” portion of the cart’s nomenclature. More specifically, N55 types are utilized here, which are the strongest commercially available variety. Rega adds that the Nd5 MM cartridge was developed over the course of 10 years, and each cart is handmade by Rega technicians in the company’s custom-built 38,000sq-ft facility in the Southeast of England.


The pivot-pad design of Rega cartridges is said to improve performance by eliminating the mechanical joint between the stylus housing and the main body. The Nd5’s aluminum cantilever is fitted with a perfect elliptical nude diamond stylus, created by an elliptical grinding process made from polycrystalline manmade diamond. The Nd5 also has an optimized pole gap for “superior” linearity and crosstalk characteristics, intended to provide a wider soundstage than previous models.


The Nd5 cart sports miniaturized parallel coils that are wound in-house, utilizing 38µ wire with 1,275 turns. This is said to produce a low-inductance, low-impedance generator in order to improve high-frequency response.


The Nd5’s complete assembly is housed in the company’s zero-tolerance injection-molded glass-filled polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) body. A low-mass body is said to reduce stress on the tonearm bearings, and aid free movement. Rega also confirmed the new body design was inspired by their MC (moving coil) cart line.


The Nd5 MM cartridge will also be offered as a factory-fitted option on Rega’s Planar 3 and Planar 6 turntables, as the cart is said to have been “designed specifically with these turntables in mind.”


Other specs for the Nd5 cart include tracking pressure of 1.75g, input load impedance of 47kohms, nominal output voltage of 5-6mV, and mass as 6g. The Nd5 also has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


Finally, the SRP for the Rega Nd5 MM cartridge is £295. If the Nd5 is factory-fitted to a Planar 3 turntable as noted above, the SRP is £895, and if the Nd5 is factory-fitted to a Planar 6 table, the SRP is £1,450.

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Thoughts on using this on other TT’s not Rega?

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Mind you, anything other than a Rega (or Rega-sourced) arm won't take advantage of the three-point fixing. Someone at Rega mentioned months ago that their cartridge range was on the verge of a re-fresh, though I got the impression this only applied to the MM models.

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I imagine you put it on to the side and rotate it 45 degrees to get it protected.

Rega has been riding high on all things they create for some time. Value is solid across the board, especially when looking at the latest reviews of Naia, etc.

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Neodymium magnets have been around for yonks. I believe they made the Walkman feasible in the late 70s. So how come this is a first? Considering it's a hand built cartridge the price is certainly right.

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"...the Rega Nd5 MM cartridge is £295..."

Excellent. By all means, ignore something called the "American Dollar"; some tiny backwater nobody's ever heard of, or cares about.

Rock on.