Rega Research Factory Tour Part 3

In this segment we see electronics being "soak tested", see tone arm wiring looms being produced and watch how even the least expensive P1 arm is carefully hand-assembled.

Watching this segment will make clear all of the little things that must be accomplished to produce even the least expensive arm and the problems that can occur even when automation has taken over some of the process.

At the end you'll see a sequence shot "off-site" showing the fabrication of the company's plastic dust covers.

Mile High Music's picture

OMG! So interesting. In fact I confess I had to binge watch all your videos. I came away with a new appreciation for the engineering accuracy...and the multiple handmade steps it takes. Very interesting. Thank you!

vince's picture

So grateful to Rega and Michael for doing this. I am really enjoying it.

alexdias's picture

This is really enjoyable. Thank you for producing it. It's very impressing to see the care and attention these workers have in their jobs and I really appreciate the fact that Rega is producing their gear in England. An example to be followed.

bongo-hifi's picture

Great company but I couldn't stand working there if I'm subjected to that commercial radio playing in the background all day. I used to work in a place where they piped commercial radio and hearing the same advertisements repeated over and over throughout the day drove me nuts! If I were there my quality control would be poor as a result