Rekkord F100 Turntable

Since we went to the upper reaches of aspirational gear with yesterday’s look at an uber-high-end phono preamp, we figured we’d swing the SRP pendulum back the other way today and eyeball a new, and quite affordable, piece of equipment from noted German manufacturer Rekkord — namely, their new F100 turntable.


Handmade in the Black Forest, Rekkord turntable and tonearm designs are said to benefit from nearly half a century of precision German engineering. Featuring a black satin matte finish, the Rekkord F100 also boasts a heavy aluminum platter for “enhanced stability through years of heavy use,” according to Rekkord.


Attached to the F100’s 8.3in ultra-low-mass (ULM) tonearm with steel-tip ball bearings is a pre-mounted Audio Technica 3600L moving magnet (MM) cartridge. Other elements in the F100 feature package are pre-adjusted tracking force and anti-skating settings, and a chassis made of pressed wood that “reduces resonance.”


The F100 also includes fully automatic start/stop, 33/45rpm DC motor, optional integrated preamp, fixed counterweight, a carbon-fiber reinforced headshell, belt drive with polished flat belt, dust cover, anti-static felt mat, and a fixed phono cable.

Finally, the SRP for the Rekkord F100 turntable is a quite affordable $399. Seeing how Rekkord’s turntable line goes up incrementally, depending on each ’table’s feature set — including the F110 ($449), F300 ($599), F400 ($799), and M500 ($1,199) — we may very well schedule one of them for AP product testing in the not-so-distant future.

For more about Rekkord go here.
To find an authorized Rekkord dealer in North America, go here.



Wow & flutter: 0.06% (DIN), 0.035% (WRMS)
Rumble: 40dB
S/N ratio: 62dB
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Outputs: Fixed phono RCA (F110) or line-level RCA (F110 with integrated preamp)
Power supply: 12v DC, 150mA
Weight: 5.4kg (12lb)
Dimensions: 430 x 130 x 365mm (w/h/d)


Trevor_Bartram's picture

While I applaud a turntable in the Dual tradition, this table needs either a suspended sub-chassis or skeletal design to prevent that big sounding board from coloring the sound. I believe the AT 3600 cartridge was rebadged by Rega & included with some of their tables, a recommendation for sure.

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RG's picture

Best as I can tell, there NO USA dealers for REKKORD products.

Tom L's picture

The only REKKORD dealer in North America is Tri-Cell Enterprises in Ontario, Canada. Yes, that's a problem!

airdronian's picture

It appears VANA has Rekkord in the US.

RG's picture

VANA appears to be distributor, not a dealer. Google it. You will not find a deatler/retailer in the USA where you can stroll in, see the tables and listen to one. But it sure looks pretty on the AP website.

BruceN's picture

The Pro-Ject A1 is the same, but with an Ortofon cartridge. They are remarketing with their new "Rekkord" brand name. Very surprised you didn't figure this out.

Tom L's picture

This table does look just like the Pro-Ject A1, but it's sort of the reverse of what you say. REKKORD was previously Dual, and they build their own turntables as well as Pro-Ject's Automat line in Germany. Pro-Ject's other tables are made in their own factory in the Czech Republic.

BruceN's picture

Tom L: We're both right.

I was aware that the Pro-Ject A1 was made in Germany by the company that produced ersatz "Dual" and "Thorens" turntables. I am pretty sure I read that this company was acquired by Pro-Ject, with the intent of continuing to produce turntables in Germany under the "Rekkord" brand.

My comment was intended to point out that this so-called REKKORD turntable is nothing new, except for the cheap-o cartridge.