Schiit Audio Announces SOL Turntable Pulley Update

Schiit Audio today announced a pulley update for the SOL turntable that will produce correct speeds on the SOL turntable. The new pulley is currently being prototyped and will go into production within the next 3-4 weeks, after which all current SOL owners will receive one in the mail free of charge.

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Hope all buyers'll thank Mr Fremer ! And Stereophile staff !

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to Mr. Fremer and Schitt Audio.

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remove those posts as soon as he gets a chance. He's really good about that. How do these jerks find our little corner of the internet, anyway?

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...for the SOL turntable that will produce correct speeds on the SOL turntable just released?
For me It´s not an update, it´s a necessary part in a product launched prematurely, or whose quality control has been very poor. I share the idea that the design is well achieved, but they did not take enough care in something so essential that even you constantly emphasize: the first job of a turntable is to turn at the right speed ...
But I don't want to sound negative: this turntable is sonically "eye-catching" and seems destined to be a hit. Kudos for your review and to Schiit for entering the turntable market with such an ambitious product within the reach of any vinyl music lover.

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After reading so much about the Sol launch, I’ve decided Schiit deserves a thumbs-up for hanging in until they get it right. I’ll probably buy one, maybe for Christmas. That said, my first two turntables, an AR-xa and then a Yamaha P450, worked flawlessly right out of the box. Or maybe my retailer set them up for me, handled my cartridge upgrades, and made sure they did their job. I assume you can tell how long ago it was by the models i’m talking about. Today my nearest dealer is 35 miles away and only carries Linn, a price point beyond my budget, so I’m stuck dealing with online sellers. I just can’t accept that I need to spend $2,000-plus to get a reliable table, especially when streaming is so common. My Debut Carbon has always had a vibration/hum issue that needs tinkering with, and it turned me off on their higher-end models.I just wouldn’t think it’s that complicated.

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Schiit listens to its clients and reads (and respects) Michael's reviews! I look forward to receiving my pully!
SOL is a real bargain.
This kind of customer support and constant improvement process tugs at my soul!

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Yeah, I was looking at one of their preamps earlier this week and didn't know that all of their preamps technically support HT passthru (though, you have to manually max the volume for it). So I emailed them about it, basically as a feature request, and got a personal email response from them, fairly quickly, telling me about the feature and some other technical details and stuff.

Not to mention the value of their products these days is insane, especially for an American company. You just get so much for so much less cash than just about anybody else is putting out there right now. Only company that I'm aware of that remotely matches their performance-per-dollar right now in audio is Elac.

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While they are at it they should also make a 50 Hz pulley for us in Europe.