Seen at AXPONA: Technics SL-1500C-W Matte White Turntable

AXPONA is in full swing, and we’re all over it. Our full show report with be forthcoming, but something that caught our collective analog eye early on is the Technics SL-1500C-W turntable, which is the matte white version of the company’s well-loved SL-1500C direct-drive turntable.

In addition to the standard silver and black versions of the SL-1500C that are already are available, the new, clean white character of “The W” (as I’m calling it) underlines the 1500C's pure and simplistic aesthetic that’s purported to appeal to the minimalistic nature of a certain faction of the audiophile cognoscenti.

Despite its minimalistic look, the SL-1500C-W offers high-performing operation, usability, and a wealth of features, according to the Technics braintrust. For starters, it’s fitted with a high-quality Ortofon 2M Red MM pickup cartridge pre-mounted to the headshell.

For maximum connection flexibility, the SL-1500C-W is equipped with a conventional Phono output and an integrated Phono EQ so that it can be connected to audio components without the need for a dedicated, separate phono amp. Also, the tonearm lift is automatic.

The Technics SL-1500C-W’s iron-coreless direct-drive motor, in combination with the sophisticated motor control, is said to ensure “ultimate rotation stability for a classic, smooth vinyl sound” (their words).

The two-layer platter, in combination with the solid two-layer chassis based on aluminum die-cast and high-sensitivity S-shaped tonearm made of aluminum, is also said to ensure high vibration damping and an accurate tracking process.

The matte white Technics SL-1500C-W direct-drive turntable will be available starting in May 2023 at authorized Technics retailers, and its SRP is slated to be $1,299.

For more about Technics, go here.
To find an authorized Technics retailer near you, go here.


Anton D's picture

Good portent for the show!

rich d's picture

1 - even more ghastly audiophile-oriented anti music than in years past.
2 - the doleful countenances of two guys who booked a suite and traveled from Poland to show off their new speakers, only to have said speakers stuck in customs the entire weekend.
3 - a very fun and convivial atmosphere among attendees and some (sadly, not all) exhibitors. The presence of whisky in some rooms undoubtedly helped with this.
4 - Magnepan showed a prototype which appeared to successfully blend a stack of dynamic woofers with a dipole mid-top. And it went silly loud with no apparent strain.
5 - lots of turntables (hooray!) but no particularly worthy new ones (harrumph!) apart from a new, and promising-looking linear tracker whose name I have forgotten.

rich d's picture

To be fair, the Rekkord gear looked pretty nifty given the price points. No chance to hear 'em, though. Mind you, anyone who can assess a turntable's sound quality based on an audition at a trade show has observational powers beyond those of mere mortals. Or something.

mauidj's picture

…. of all the new things that could have been mentioned you chose…a new color on a DJ turntable. Analog Planet sure has moved it’s focus.

rich d's picture

...wait until the complete show wrap-up in which they detail some of the lovely new veneers being applied to existing speaker models.

Incidentally it was a fun show overall but the size and scope of it is getting overwhelming. I imagine those folks attending on one-day passes found it well nigh impossible.