Sit on It!

Yes, this is a bit “off topic”, but I do a lot of sitting in my job.

You are looking at an Ergo 21 seat cushion placed for better viewing and obviously not where it goes when you sit on it.

I met the designer Steve Gambhir at last year’s L.A. and Orange County Audio Society annual “Gala” where I “roasted” VPI’s Harry Weisfeld before he was given the Society’s “Founders Award”. Unfortunately the video at that link was shot on a cellphone and Harry’s girlfriend’s laugh dominates, but it’s still worth watching!

So Steve tells me about his liquid filled membrane-based seat cushions (there are five versions, each for a specified purpose, as explained on the company’s website).

I told Steve I’m fortunate to not have any aches and pains and that I work out three times a week, plus I sit in an Ekornes Stressless chair at “work”.

Nonetheless he insisted that I’d benefit from sitting on one of his LiquiCell Technology-based cushions and that my butt would thank me. So how could I say “no” when he offered to send a few my way to try?

I’ve been sitting on the basic seat cushion model for many months now and my butt thanks me every time I sit on the thing. First of all, you don’t know it’s there, which is good, but if you take it away, you definitely notice its absence.

I can sit comfortably for longer periods of time without my legs “falling asleep” or numbness setting in where I sit.

It works as promised and so I recommend it highly for those who spend long periods of time sitting, which includes most audiophiles. I also recommend Pilates, running and weight training but judging by the sheer desolation in hotel gyms during hi-fi shows, that advice is sure to fall on deaf ears. Did I just write that?

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See what I did there? *chuckle* ok, enough toilet humor...oh, I did again!
Yeah ,I might enter to win one, but I never win anything. Then again in my case I would do better getting a new chair per physician advice, so I'm looking into the "stressless" ones like I see here or at least similar.

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If you paint the edge of it with a green marker, it feels even better.

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I usually seek out first pressings "butt" on this
I'll sit it out.

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Anything that makes sitting (or standing) less painful, helps.

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Damping device.

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... You are not alone! I love all these things and get them in weekly via the gym and weekend runs! You can be an audiophile and also athletic! For my day job at the computer, my chair is one of those pilates Gaiam balls. Yes that can tend to get old after a while, but I still find it better than a chair, although it would never work while listening to music. I've never tried any seat cushions like what you shared here.