The Story of Vanguard Vinyl LP Box Set Sweepstakes

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About the prize:

First edition limited to 1000, on 180 gram audiophile colored vinyl, pressed at GZ. All six albums were AAA cut from the mono master tapes by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound. All of these albums were lacquered directly from the mono master tapes, preserving the original sound upon release of these albums in the ‘50s and ‘60s.


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UncleBob's picture

Would love to win this.

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This looks really interesting.

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I would love to be the winner!

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Thank you for holding the contest.

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I would be over the moon to add this beautiful set to my vinyl collection. Thanks in advance.

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Cool beans!

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Thank you !!

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These would be great additions to my collection; thanks for the contest.

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Vanguard records were hard to find sometimes but the music was worth it............

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Send em’ to me!

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Count me in the Vanguard.

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Greetings from Germany

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Fine sound, interesting artists, diverse types of music

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And getting me off my butt to register!

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i'm sure this a great set

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Please let the odds favor me

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I love that you'll also be including multi-episode podcast series to give the backstories for the albums. Who doesn't love getting the backstory on the music the love! Great bonus to include! Thank You very much for the opportunity Analog planet!

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Love your work, Michael.

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I'm feeling lucky!

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Fantastic set. Would luv to call my own

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Interesting titles that I would like to hear! :D

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yes please !

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This is a cool compilation of LPs for a set!

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Vanguard was a great label and this set looks great. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

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Would be nice - yes please!

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Hope GZ did a good job with this one.

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Very interested in hearing these artists
Thank you

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The JB album is great. Never heard any of the others.

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Would love to win this set about the Vanguard label and artists!

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Please enter me for this giveaway. Thanks

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This box set will feel right at home in my collection. Thank You.

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Beautiful anthology set!

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I never win these....

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I even have a mono cartridge for playback of these AAA Mono LPs !

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Very nice!

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to win this! I have heard all but one of the albums and they are very well mastered.

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Hoping for the best!

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to win this!

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For sure!

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Please count me in!

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Count me in Please.

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Great Stuff!

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And appreciate the chance to win.

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And one again, I need this Vanguard set in my life. Thanks m.s.

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Whoop, there it is ?

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Fer sure.

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Don't have enough of this in my collection, this would really help!

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Sign me up and good luck to all!

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This would make a fine addition to my collection!

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Those look like some hep cats! I'd like to win this set.

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…but would love to win it and have it be Watson my turntable.
Thank you, thank you very much.

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I'm in for this one!

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Would love this

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US residents only - that's really not fair

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I'm in!

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would like to win this

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Would love these Michael.'s picture

Another great price for this community.

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Thank you for the opportunity.

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Thanks for another contest!

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Pick me! Pick me!

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Color vinyl is not my thing, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.. so im in!! :)

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What a great idea!

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I'm in. Very good box set.

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How about we make it 1 for 15?

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Yes I'll take them!

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Love me some Vanguard

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I bow to the Vanguard Master!

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Vinyl still rules !!!

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Would love to add this to the collection!

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Would go nice with my td 165.

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Appreciate the chance to win this awesome box set

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After passing on many other reissues out of sentimentality, this might be the only path to me replacing beloved copies that I've been playing for more than half a century.

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Me me me! Pick me!


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What a wonderful set! Having grown up with much of this music and later working at a record distributor representing the label, I would LOVE to have this!

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Count me in, thanks.

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This looks great!

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Ya gotta be in it to win it

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Count me in, please!

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Sign me for these 6 LPs

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I hope I can win this Sweepstakes this time. I think it's my time... ;^)

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This set would be great to have in my collection. I never stopped collecting vinyl for my listening pleasure during the so-called digital enhancement period.

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I'd love to win.

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looks cool

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I loved this music back in the 60s when I first heard it. I still love it today.

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Yeah baby!

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Want! Pick me!

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Gimme a winner!

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Thanks for this opportunity for me to win! ;-) This looks like an excellent box set.

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Would love to play these on my Revox B790

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Please throw my name in the virtual hat.

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Looks like an amazing collection!

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Would love to add this to my vinyl collection.

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Count me in! This looks like a fantastic set!

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and let me win!

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I'm in!!

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I'd love to win this box set.
Thanks for the chance.

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Nice set.

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Rich Strike ride me home.

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Michael, I want to win this so I can demo it after doing your turntable setup methods from seminar at Axpona 2022. Glad I got to ask you about the importance of VTA when considering a new tonearm.

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Please and thank you!

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Would love the set!!!!!!