Technics Launches New Limited Edition SL-1210GAE 55th Anniversary Turntable

Based on the Grand Class SL-1200G, the new 1210GAE is wholly made in Japan with a "significant level of hand-made processes" and features a full black anodized black brush hairline finish and black buttons.

The 55th anniversary model sports a special badge inscribed with its serial number, but beyond the visual "bling", the isolation feet are of a specially developed high density die-cast zinc and feature aGEL™ inserts also used on the "flagship" SL-1000R that has excellent shock absorbing properties. The new limited to 1000 edition SL-1210GAE has a new feature that lets you turn off the sometimes distracting strobe light.

Other features include Technics' Coreless Direct Drive motor, a Blu-ray drive-based motor control system and a triple layer platter featuring a brass top plate, die-case aluminum platter and a solid rubber coated underside that together delivers rotational stability and high inertial mass surpassing that of the SP-10Mk2 and more than doubling the mass of the SL-1200MK5. Other features include a magnesium tone arm and high-precision bearings as well as brass milled and gold plated phono jacks.

The 55th Anniversary SL-1210GAE's MSRP is $3999.99. The limited to 1000 unit turntable ships to dealers in late July and according to Technics the EU will get the "lions share" of those so the U.S. allotment is likely to quickly sell out.

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hahahah only $4000

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In this hobby and you will stop mocking a $4,000 turntable. Frankly, I wish I could afford a turntable more expensive.

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In this hobby and you will stop mocking a $4,000 turntable. Frankly, I wish I could afford a turntable more expensive.

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Less than half the cost of the "GAE", it's probably a little less refined but still worth considering.

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... fitted with the matching Nagaoka JT-1210 phono cartridge?

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Sorry to say the USA SL-1210GAE will not come with the Nagaoka JT-1210 Moving Magnet cartridge. I'm trying to bring them into the USA. We've had great success with paring SL-1200G's with Ortofon 2M Black cartridges.

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Is it worth $4K, I think so. It will sell out quickly.

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Beautiful coverage on Technics new SL-1210GAE. Technics Grand Class SL-1200G, SL-1200GAE and SL-1210GAE are good examples of precision design and build quality.

If you are a music enthusiasts and play vinyl this is the one of the best Turntables to consider. I'll be selling my beloved SL-1200GR and upgrading to the SL-1210GAE accompanied by Technics all black SL-G700 SACD/Network player and the SU-G700 Integrated amp driving a pair of SB-G90 floor standing speakers.

Hope it's ok to post here, but we just build our SL-1210GAE webpage and included the SL-1210GAE .pdf spec sheet.

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I am really hoping that at some point in time Technics will offer this table (G & GR) with an armless option. I would love to try some different options and see how well it can do.

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I purchased my 1200GR from you. Fantastic transaction. You were kind enough to answer all my questions. Does your GAE feature the cartridge? I wish I just didn't purchase the 1200gr or I'd be all over this one

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The USA SL-1210GAE's do not come with a cartridge, they do have the Technics headshell.

Your SL-1210GR has a good resale value.

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for that SL-1200GR?

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I’ve gotten to spend a good amount of time with the first 1200 GAE and it is pretty great.

The rock steady speed is amazing. It makes you realize what we put up with with other tables.

The arm is under appreciated, as well. The magnesium arm doesn’t seem to need any additional intervention to perform very nicely. I’m also a sucker for removable headshells!

If I had the extra scratch, I’d like one of these.

Maybe Malachi will get one!

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How many Sl-1200's are in spinning for 30 plus years . Mine is with only a one time service.That was my choosing .
I also have the SL-1200 GR .
Whatever they make lasts forever