Third Man +1 Pressing Party Winner Here!

As promised, I printed out the names of all of the AnalogPlanet readers interested in accompanying me to the Third Man Pressing Plant Opening Party, tossed them in a hat and chose one without looking.

But don't take my word for it, watch the video. The winner should contact me at so we can plan where and when to meet. Remember: semi-formal attire, which means either a nice dress (for only one contestant please!) or dark suit, necktie and even a vest if you so desire for the rest of you.

Click here!

DaK's picture

Congratulations to the winner! So you think these Dylan mfsl monos are even better than the mfsl stereos? And btw thank you very much for your fantastic reviews,Michael!

Maggiemay's picture

Boogeydown, congrats and enjoy!

Michael, I hope you enjoy Friday, too. Thanks again for this fun contest.

Jazz3536's picture

Cool video, and thanks for the fun opportunity! Propose a pre-party happy hour for the local losers & Michael. First round on me! Any interest?

Michael Fremer's picture
I arrive late afternoon and by the time I'm "dolled up" there might not be much pre-party time but if there is it would be at the pub/restaurant down the row....
stadirka's picture

Sounds like a Capital idea. It would be good to meet up, enjoy some good company and maybe learn a thing or two. Excellent suggestion.

theboogeydown's picture

Thanks all.

Lazer's picture

Hope you have a great time. Say hi to MF for me.

Maggiemay's picture

Nice idea, but I will be there on Saturday only. There is the jolly pumpkin right next door. I've not been there before, but it's looks nice.

Jazz3536's picture

For all those interested : I believe the location Michael referred to "down the row" is Traffic Jam & Snug (Jolly Pumpkin is really around the corner, so I'm making a guess here). Big bar on the first floor, I'll be the one with the sports jacket AND the Michigan hat. Will be great to meet any / all of you, say 6:00 or so.

Wimbo's picture

Too far for me to travel.