Tour Electric Mastering's New Vintage Cutting Chain With Analog Legend Sean Davies

Here's your opportunity to tour Electric Mastering's new vintage cutting chain with "master of the cutting lathe" analog legend Sean Davies. In his long career Mr. Davies has restored and serviced vintage analog cutting gear at studios throughout the U.K. including Abbey Road. Enjoy!

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Wow! Just wow. The automation features of his setup there are a pleasure to behold. It seems from the video that everything was engineered for one-man ease of operation- i wonder if that was the case in mid-century cutting rooms?

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That's fascinating. I still don't know how this stuff works, but I sure like the way it sounds!

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I could watch this stuff all day. Great setup. I wish I could afford what they sell. I bet it sounds great.

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Same here. But why is it so hypnotic?

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Just imagine if the Beatles remasters had been cut by Sean Davis!!! I would pay the extra bucks for some British rock classics in the original laminated packaging (Stones, Who, Beatles, Cream, Hendrix).  Would also like to see a reissue of the piano recordings  Walter Gieseking did for EMI.

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I’ve been in the recording industry for over 25 years and never knew of the company Lyrec
And that they made tape recorders. Fascinating.

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great coverage.

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Simply stunning!

Thank you Mikey.