VPI Debuts New $4000 Classic Companion Turntable Complete With Tone Arm and Custom Grado Cartridge

I wasn't expecting to find anything as new and significant at a small mid-summer show as VPI's new Classic Companion Turntable, but there it was.

The new Classic Companion combines the Walnut Classic 2 chassis, a 20 pound 2" thick aluminum Classic platter with inverted bearing, a 24 volt AC synchronous motor assembly with built-in 24V power supply and external step down transformer supply and a brand new 10.5" gimbaled bearing tone arm based on the one used on VPI's budget Traveler turntable.

However, instead of the jeweled sapphire bearings found on that arm, the new arm features low-friction ABEC 5 pre-loaded ball bearings. It also incorporates VPI's Classic 2 premium tone arm mount with VTA on-the-fly adjustability as well as anti-skating.

VPI sells the new 'table pre-mounted with a custom made for VPI Grado 1.5mV output ultra-low inductance, shielded moving iron cartridge featuring the Statement Sonata stylus and cantilever, mounted in a body featuring a threaded aluminum mounting plate. It's a $600 cartridge included with the arm/'table.

Getting the scoop on that alone, made worthwhile the trip to Silver Spring!

Brother John's picture

I'm dying to read a review of this new VPI as I think it might be a huge upgrade path for me. I've got very shakey hands and can't handle unipivots at alll so this Classic Companion with Its gimbaled bearing tonearm has got me drooling Michael.

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I am strongly considering buying the classic one. Do you think this represents new thinking by VPI in regards to the tonearm on the classic series? Do you think this change will be applied to other models? I probably will not purchase until later in the year, but it has given me pause to see if this is a one-off, or a new way of thinking. Any input would be helpful. Thank you.

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I would really enjoy reading a review of this table. This one is on my list of possible additions to my system.