VPI Introduces Cliffwood Dedicated MM Phono Preamp

VPI just announced a stand-alone dedicated moving magnet phono preamplifier based upon the circuit in the Player turntable's built-in unit.

VPI's aims not to complete with specialty electronics manufacturers but rather to provide a VPI branded phono preamp to VPI entry level customers who buy the Cliffwood turntable. The price in black and clear silver finish will be $500.00. Initially the Cliffwood phono preamp will be available only in the United States.

Here are the specs:

Low-noise op-amp design, regulated linear power supply
Gain 44db
Input loading: 47K Ohm -180pF
Maximum input level: 125mV
Input sensitivity: 3mV for 500mV output
Frequency response (50K Ohm load):17Hz (-3dB) to 75KHz (-0.2dB
) RIAA accuracy (50K Ohm load): +/-0.18dB 100Hz to 75KHz
Power requirements: 110VAC @ 100mA

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I root for them.

A guy in my Hi Fi club has a Classic 3 with printed tonearm and that gold Dynavector cartridge. VTA. An be adjusted in thousandths of an inch and we listen for differences.

Ah, nerds!

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Nerds indeed! That cart is the 17D3, likely my favorite of the three Dynavectors I have heard. The XX2 has a resonance I don't care for--kind of sad I swapped my 17D3 for this one. The big drawback to the 17D3 is trying to get it aligned--the cantilever is a tiny 1.7mm diamond rod! Beautiful sounding cartridge, though. Glad you were able to experience it. :)

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I am not sure what to think. If it is for VPI's entry-level decks, then I would suspect it is a little pricey. $300, sure, that would be a better price point.

Yet many who buy this to stay in the VPI family likely will pair this with one of the better VPI tables, and most of us at that level gravitate towards the moving coil carts. Kind of curious that this phono stage, from an audiophile company, would omit that, not unless there is a higher end phono stage in the works.

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Any plans to review the larger VPI Voyager phono preamplifier??