William Stead's "The Flip Side" Was Official 2019 Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner Selection

A vinyl-loving physics professor at Florida State University emailed to tell me that William Stead, a "brilliant film student" was in his astronomy class and came up to the prof one day and told him he was a huge Bowie fan and that he loved vinyl. Stead made "The Flip Side", a short documentary about Doug and Michelle Allen, owners of Banana Records which I profiled in my Banana Records video, which you can find on the AnalogPlanet YouTube channel.

After you watch Mr. Stead's short film you'll know why his won "Selection for presentation at the 2019 Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner" and mine didn't! Stead's film got me all teary eyed about our hobby. See if you share that reaction.

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That was inspirational. Going to hit Scotti's and Vintage Vinyl in NJ tomorrow.

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I'll go for the first time ever during the week..
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i actually did their RSD 2016 and 2017 promo videos... wasn't great on camera then but was still a lot of fun. absolutely love that store, haven't been there since i moved to pdx but it was a huge part of my development.

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You are with mine! Lol
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Thank you Michael. I am from a small town and my BELOVED Budget Tapes and Records has been gone for decades now. Wow, what fun going there as a teen!! Sorely missed!1 But I do have Easy Street Records in Seattle though. And they also cook and serve some pretty mean breakfasts also.

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I am in Banana Records Warehouse probably more then once a month ( it is 40 minutes away from a place I live), and always find something I like (and usually quite a bit). The nicest people in a business and just a remarkable, remarkable store. And I agree with Michael that his documentary, which I also enjoyed viewing, is not nearly as good as this one.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Short film. Very talented. I now have a craving for some vinyl shopping!

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The filmmaker is talented to be sure....Love it .... Thanks AP!!! I work a few days a month at a local record store I worked for 35+ years ago....same owners.... 90% of the mostly under 30 shoppers are wearing masks and polite and sweet people....Music is one of the few things we haven’t managed to screw up, it still nurtures the soul and can heal us.....

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This film brought back memories. When I was a teenager running out to the record shop to buy my favorite bands latest release. The one that always comes to mind is Pink Floyds wish you were here. I had to save up my change so I had bus fair and money for the album and a slice of pizza. I still listen to the record from time to time.

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Bananas Records is my favourite store; I get there about twice a year, visiting from the Great White North, and always come home with treasures. The owners are terrific, and Tyson in the Warehouse...whom you have met...is a wonderful, knowledgeable person.

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bring back 5 decades.Love it.
There's a second hand furniture store not far from me (In Sydney, AUS)
that has a great amount of second hand worthwhile vinyl. I'm there every second week (Pensioner) and I'm still grabbing stuff in great nick that I missed out on in the 70's.What happened to those years Michael? They went so quick.

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Loved the doc but someone has to say it: That kid's cartridge is trashed. His cantilever is pointing at the apartment next door.

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On second look, I think that's the store's demo turntable, which just proves that you never want to test your $40 Bowie records at a store. The cart is always trashed. lol

Source: Have worked at a lot of record stores.

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Well, that was great. Had not known of this short film. The best part is that I'm only 40 minutes from the store and warehouse.