Win Two Free Tickets to See Gwenifer Raymond February 19th

Welsh multi-instrumentalist Gwenifer Raymond makes her London debut February 19th at Shacklewell Arms. If you live nearby or are in the mood to travel, thanks to the show promoter, analogPlanet is giving away two tickets.

All you have to do is post below this story why you think you deserve them (and please promise to attend). If you're unfamiliar with her prodigious, John Fahey-like talents, read the review by clicking the above hyperlink where you can also hear a track from the now out of print album. An audiophile label should get her in the studio and record her to tape!

The winner will also get a 7" Gwenifer single.

Tom L's picture

If you enjoy Gwenifer there's a good chance you will find Yasmin Williams interesting as well. Different, of course, but...well, check her out.

paul helliwell's picture

please please send me two tickets to gwenifer raymonds gig. she is a great guitar player in the fahey stlye (and her mix tape for welsh radio was really cool too)

Michael Fremer's picture
I will have the promoter get in touch with you....hopefully in time.