VPI Traveler Turntable and Dynavector 20x2H Cartridge Combo From Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win a VPI Traveler Turntable and Dynavector 20x2H Cartridge Combo From Music Direct (MSRP $2,150) we are giving away.

Analog Planet and Music Direct are proud to offer you a chance to win the brand-new turntable from VPI, The Traveler. This turntable is dedicated to the memory of VPI co-founder Sheila Weisfeld, and it’s an amazing American-made work-of-art. Combine this turntable with the great high-output moving-coil Dynavector 20x2H phono cartridge and you are in for such a treat. We dare to say that no digital front end can compete. But hey, we’re analog lovers!

Josh Bizar from Music Direct says they will also be including some analog set-up tools and some incredible newly-pressed vinyl so will instantly know how amazing this analog package sounds. As an added bonus, Michael Fremer will personally set up the cartridge with his USB scope.

Click here for more info on the turntable and here for more on the cartridge.

To enter the sweepstakes, all you need is an account on AnalogPlanet.com. If you don't already have one, click on the link labeled "register" at the bottom of this announcement or "Create new account" in the right column. Then, enter a username and a valid e-mail address, and click on the "Create new account" button. A message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified, which will include a link to activate the account.

You can enter once on AnalogPlanet.com. No more than one entry allowed.

The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, when the sweepstakes closes, a lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So post a comment, and good luck!

For complete sweepstakes rules, click here.

[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

greatindien's picture

I find very interesting to see the tonearm cable leaving the tonearm at the earing but not continuing inside the vertical column, instead going outside into its connector. It looks like a great idea!.

tjs's picture

This would be perfect in my system. Then my daughter gets my old table and cartridge.

wgb113's picture

This would be one hell of a first turntable...looking to get into vinyl.



tuneman's picture

Would love to win this Turntable Package.

hhenkin's picture

wow, just what i need...

flicon56's picture

No one would have believed analog would be so strong in 1986. What a beautiful turntable!

smorgenroth's picture

 Saw and heard this player at Newport Show - love it and would love to win it!

music4jeff's picture

I have owned and completely revamped an older VPI HW19 and the results are phenominal.  go to hufaudio.com and check it out:  I hope I win this so I may compare.   I currently use a Benz Ace on a Syrinx PU2.

Jkanaan's picture

Always nice to see a chance for people to get into the world of vinyl...or as I call it "black crack" in regards to it's addictive qualities. My fingers are crossed but whom ever has the winning "bid" enjoy the turntable and shout to the heavens many thanks!

MatthewSTL's picture

Hello Michael,

Thanks for starting Analog Planet -- I'm really enjoying how it expands upon your print column. Thanks also to VPI/Dynavector for making this possible -- all around, great folks in the audio community!

putz's picture

This would be VPI table #3 for me.

bpape's picture

I've got a perfect place for this.  Thanks again!

layla's picture

I certainly could use a new turntable!

batman44's picture

Up until now the "Scout" was my realistic dream turntable...

vladfrad's picture

My Thorens turntable and Stanton cartridge are more than 25 years old, so I really need a new record player, and VPI and Dynavector are a really good package. I hope I'll win it!

bluekiwi's picture

Great turntable. Hope I win it!

PVanderbush's picture

Yes!  This would be a nice addition to my sound system!

Joel47's picture

I'm sure I could find space for it in my rack...

jifarkas's picture

If I win, I promise to only use it to play good music.


MrMart1n's picture

Talk about a quantum-leap compared to my Dual 1219.  My system sure sing with a combo like this!

Wickedexile's picture








T_A_P's picture

Yes, please!

bmital's picture

I cannot think of a better addition to my system!

JSanko's picture

Consider this my official entrance.cool

clemente_raya's picture

Looks great and I have a place to keep it!

hatchettothehead's picture

My current turntable is on its way out, and this would be a GREAT way to enjoy all of the great vinyl I have just inherited from my father! 

Spwill's picture

I once owned a hw19 and enjoyed it very much. Hope I win!

jtwrace's picture

I need another!

mr hi-fi's picture

I wish myself luck. I'm sure everyone else deserves it, but I hope I get it!

CharmCity's picture

(Easy when the browser plays nice; Firefox wouldn't!)

This would beg another reason for a hardware upgrade elsewhere in the system, but that's OK...

davescards's picture

Please pick me.  My 30+ year-old 'table is on it's last legs!

Bruce K. Carter's picture

Of all the beautiful inventions ever conceived, a high-end turntable would have to be among the top 5.

Fevernova's picture

Thank you, Michael for this great site.  Keep up the good work!

djdube525's picture

Looks like a fantastic package... been wanting to dip my toes in the the analog world and this would shoot me leaps and bounds ahead of where I thought I'd be able to play. Keeping my fingers crossed for the TT!

oldnkranky's picture

Very, very nice contest.

abinder7's picture

Need a rags to riches miracle story...would love to win this...might even shelve my CD's!

Kavahead's picture


geoffsdad's picture

This would be a wonderful addition to our cabin system!

chapstickjunkie's picture

looking forward to spending some time on here!

lomarti's picture

I need this prize so bad.

mzeigler's picture

good luck everyone

joeperez007's picture

You too!

joeperez007's picture

Vinyl records are making a comeback and this deck would make a great addition to my humble system!

mmptom's picture

Vinyl Rules!

Thanks for the chance.

readargos's picture

Thank you for the opportunity!

Jeff Ward's picture

I was dreaming of a Classic, but this would be a start.

lionelag's picture

Definitely getting better looking than the older VPIs.  Definitely enter me to win.

Fjk's picture

Thanks for the chance to win...

papa90FMjoe's picture

and what better instrument to help pave the way to that enhancement than with a working piece of art like this tt/cartridge combo!

Alaska Dave's picture

The traveler looks 'smashing' as an entry-level 'table.  Sure would look good in my steeo rack!  And I could pull those boxes of phono records out of the storage closet!

chemrat's picture

Maybe I am too late. I hope not. Great website!

himynameisjuan's picture

I just bought my first turntable, can you imagine the irony if I win this awesome set-up?

hearforthesound's picture

I look forward to going Charlie Sheen on this contest.

unkanalog's picture

If not the lottery, then this will do...........

kensargent's picture

It's finally time to replace the Sansui and Grace ...

2CandHear's picture

I would love to receive the VPI Traveler combo as a prize/gift!!! Hope to be the fortunate recipient!  And thanks to MusicDirect and Analog Planet for this contest!

westofneptune's picture

very impressive!!  A perfect price range for me!!  I would love to hear this turntable play!!  problem being not to many dealers to visit near by.  i'll have to settle with the awesome return policy Music Direct offers!!   Music Direct rocks!!!

flamingeye's picture

Would love to have this replace my 25 year old TT

tek_1ne's picture

Here's to hoping lady luck is finally on my side.  I wouldn't mind having this new turntable to replace my current one, but If I'm not the lucky winner, congratulations to whoever ends up with this beauty.

RHSims0's picture

Looks pretty, sure it sounds beautiful!

Jsorafine's picture

Beautiful turntable

Cmush's picture

I'm ready to appreciate a beauty like this. Thanks music direct, analog planet and Vpi!!

FoX25WeB's picture


Please enter me into your sweepstakes. I love listening to LPs; one of the few pleasures in my life. 


I originally posted this message in the wrong place, sorry about that.


This site is mind blowing by the way.

thumbslapper's picture

as the pen said to the granola bar "you are full of empty calories"

Herm's picture

Beautiful and created for good cause...that's what make a company sustainable. 

cwsiggy's picture

have the Dyna 10X5 - would love to hear this cartridge on the Traveler

audiofarmer's picture

.. and I can't resist entering the sweepstakes now that Mikey's setup is included! 

otherone101's picture

VPI co-founder Harry and his son Matthew have created an incredibly moving tribute with this turntable.  Plus, if this is Matthew's first foray into analog design and the future of VPI, then we have a lot to look forward to.


Thank you for the oppurtunity to win such an awesome analog front-end.

Jrichard's picture

As Bill Callahan noted, "Fish evolved into humans because they had no way to pistolwhip someone."

pbowne's picture

Get me summadat licorice playin' stuff.

FrostG's picture

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and providing this wealth of information.

kmreed's picture

This would be a great replacement for my aging AR/Rega setup.

Thanks for the chance to win.

darrique's picture

killer upgrade if i were to win. what would i play first?... 

guitarist9273's picture

Would love this. :) I'm in.

davids's picture

Great site - great sweepstakes prize!

MichaelATL's picture

Wow - what an awesome looking turntable and cartridge. I would be honored to win this and would love to listen to it in my home!

grouploner's picture

Beautiful turntable, great website!  Many thanks for the information!

Blazim's picture

Thank you for donating to the pancreatic Cancer research foundation. My daughters dance partners mom has stage four pancreatic cancer. Every little bit helps the struggle to find a cure. Thank you.

superswede's picture

Need a new table since my current one is over 26 years old

Bberenson's picture

I want to win!

ishmael's picture

I'm in!

cpwheeler's picture

Would love to win!

lc5beatle's picture

I have a place picked out on my rack for this table

andychat's picture

Pick me and save me from analog doom!

Billy the Kid's picture

... lest it come true." Well, here's hoping it does.

Ncblue's picture

Sign me up!
Would love to hear this combo!!!

jkstraw's picture

My system could sure use this Table!!!

hrlaser's picture

Thanks for the fantastic contest.. yow!.. what a prize!..

The first thing I'd do, after unboxing and set-up, (and sending you a "Thank You" letter that'd make you blush ;-) .. is go into my vinyl collection, and pull out the highest quality vinyl records ever made, and play them on this spectacular turntable / cartridge combo - and those records would be my MINT, original 1982 (or was it 1983) Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's UHQR pressings of Sgt. Peppers, Tea for the Tillerman, and I Robot.. I've been aching to hear them played on a truly spectacular turntable / cartridge combo for decades.. I hope you give me the opportunity..

Thanks for the chance! :-) ..

chrisheinonen's picture

That is a very nice setup right there.

peekskill_pete's picture

i have registered and hope to win !

anomaly7's picture

Hmm, multiple entries void all your entries? But there's so much to say about this great combo. And, now that Mikey has signed on to set it up for the winner, it's like double the prize. Wow-

gerry7's picture

Why a digital microscope?

FLashfan's picture

Like most audiophiles, I am always looking for upgrades to my gear, and I am currently shopping for a turntable upgrade. This setup would out-do anything I have currently been looking at. I hope I win, but whoever wins will be one happy person.

stereoman66's picture

I had a Thorens TD160 mk2 with a Dynavector 10x3 back in 1981 or 1982. Been out of vinyl for awhile and thinking of replacing a Project RPM 1.3 for something else. That would be PERFECT! Great prize.

rocketmotor's picture

Heard a VPI turntable first in about 1986 playing DSOTM at Musical Concepts in St Loius, wow did it sound good.

Dualpersonality's picture

I would love to win this. I have had the same table and cartridge since 1987, so an updated system would be much appreciated!

mrgallagher's picture

I would like to compare this to their basic Scout table. Wish my local dealer had both in stock to compare the two.

JDugs's picture

My current system is an SME Mk II tonearm and a Technics SL-150 turntable. It's an excellent older system--but not as good as today's best, like the VPI Traveler and Dynavector Cartridge. I desperately need upgrading and updating--please help!


P.S. If I win I you can have my old system for your museum.

JDugs's picture

My current system is an SME Mk II tonearm and a Technics SL-150 turntable. It's an excellent older system--but not as good as today's best, like the VPI Traveler and Dynavector Cartridge. I desperately need upgrading and updating--please help!


P.S. If I win I you can have my old system for your museum.

vinylbuff's picture

I've had my eye on this table since the first pictures were released. I would LOVE to upgrade to "The Traveler".

drtool's picture

Just picked up a VPI 17 F wow what a well made machine. Now that my old LT TT just died this would be perfect!

jeff0000's picture

Of course I would love to win a new VPI.smiley

kgoss's picture

I could really use it!

brucks's picture

with a great opening sweepstakes.  Looking forward to lots of news, information and reviews on all things analog.

jeff0000's picture


My wife says she'll leave me if I get a new turntable ... please send new VPI right away!enlightened

EclecticSeeker's picture

Looks like a great rig!  Would love to own it!

EclecticSeeker's picture

Looks like a wonderful rig - would love to own it!

gambler43's picture

Great package.  It would be a nice update for my existing VPI table and arm.

fscl's picture

Nice site, I'm in / entered.....

Timlane's picture

If I win this TT, I will give it to my son, a budding audiophile heavy into vinyl, and now even subscribing to Stereophile!

Timlane's picture

If I win this TT, I will give it to my son, a budding audiophile heavy into vinyl, and now even subscribing to Stereophile!

nmpaulcp's picture

I could sure put this setup to use.


Dual1019's picture

Might even replace the 1019 for this...

CouryT's picture

...I'm in!

Westrell's picture

Winning this will be awsome!

Acpurug's picture

This could be analog heaven.

defiance's picture

Worth a shot, just getting into hifi and would love to have a turntable

SteveJay27's picture

I would love to win this.

Eric Z's picture

My MMF 5 needs to go. 

tinmanrrtx's picture

After 30 years of digital music, I still perfer the sound frommy AR turntable with an Ortofon cartridge,  Analog rules!!

JB's picture


gibson3j's picture

hope I win

JustinB's picture

This would be a fantastic addition to Chez Audiophilia.... thank you.

bombi99's picture

Fingers crossed.

rocky01's picture

I've always been interested in what Michael Fremer had to say and now it's ncie to know he has a new online presence.


BTW I want to win!

eddieB's picture

Beautiful turntable, like the clean lines. I can vouch for the Dynavector brand. Would love to hear them sing!

linuxaudiophile's picture

This would be a significant upgrade from my current turntable and cartridge and all my vinyl is yearning to be heard on it!

tremaindous's picture

Nice set-up: the turntable, cartridge, and expert alignment. 

michaeloney's picture

please count me in!

jpmusicman29's picture

it includes the Mikey microscope setup! Better and better!


John P

realdiel's picture

Looks great, count me in.

audiojohn's picture

Whet my analog appetite!

2_channel_ears's picture

if I win

timkeeler's picture

This would make for a very nice upgrade!

fcatana's picture

Who would not love this.... Thank you for the oportunity.

Shznat's picture

This would be an insane upgrade to what I'm currently using.  Thanks for the opportunity.

sdesposito's picture

Great site.  Thanks for the chance to win this!

HarryOOOO's picture

Please put me In!

Stevieray's picture

I would love this! I'm not picky; any color will do!

vcwatkins's picture

In please.  Thanks!

Mike's picture

Sure would like to replace my Technics turntable

anthonyvilla's picture

My scout needs a girlfriend

ppridday's picture

This would be excellent for a new analog front end for me...



kpclark67's picture

I could use a new rig...

cantdog's picture

Must. win. turntable.

billt1's picture

I will e-mail you my shipping address.


GTO's picture

It's travelling to me.

dgittings's picture

Things at my house haven't been the same since I sold my Thorens turntable. Save me from my iPod!

jakeumms's picture

There's a 95% chance that this will be my next turntable, whether I win it or buy it.  I sure do like the one in red, but the white one isn't half-bad looking either.

reddog's picture

I sure need the upgrade !!