Amoeba Music, Hollywood: Take the Short Walking Tour

Permission granted to take a short walk through parts of Amoeba Music in Hollywood with the GoPro camera on my head (sorry it wasn't positioned lower down). This was in between two appointments so I really didn't have an opportunity to walk all the way through the jazz, folk or world music vinyl sections.

The store is immense and filled with vinyl (and CDs). Don't miss it if you're in L.A.!

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Amoeba in hollywood is great, their jazz section alone is bigger then most record stores. I stop in whenever I have the misfortune of finding myself in the L.A. area. Nice video.

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Only other time I have seen the interior is in the Lemmy Documentary where he walks in looking for the Beatles mono box set, then proceeds to trash the Stones. Love Lemmy!  Looks like a great store, last time I was in LA ran out of time (hang my head in shame).  

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I've only been to the San Francisco and Berkeley stores during the dark ages of vinyl (1990s) and still managed to spend a few hundred dollars at each store. Truly a mecca for music lovers. 

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Goodness, a shaky-cam trip through a record store. Be still, my heart. If you need time off, dude, just say so.  Lately the content here is like the inert poison that rats starve to death gorging themselves on.  Not sure how many more clicks I have in me ...

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To miss the tour or Capitol Studios with Al Schmitt. Feel free to miss the interview with Blue Note president Don Was. Feel free to leave and never return. I want you to feel free.......

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So many whiners... so little time. 

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Need more standup tho!

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Sorry for the petulant post. I am in the throes of a massive allergy attack that's turned my head into one giant sore. This colored my judgement, and I regretted the post as soon as I sent it. Web posts are one of those things Phaedrus reminded us "come not back."

You publish some very interesting content which I look forward to reading. And it's not lost on me that you publish a web site at your own expense, to share that content with us. It's pretty lame to complain when you're dining for free. So, thanks.


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Amoeba is one of the more polarizing stores in LA. On one hand, it's kind of got a "best buy" thing going and at one point put many stores out of business and undersells other local shops. On the other hand, it's probably the biggest and sometimes cheapest store in Los Angeles. Arguably one of the best stores in the world. 

LA has some other incredible stores if time permits...Jacknife, mt aanalog, atomic...

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Another "must visit" store in LA is "The Record Collector" on Melrose Ave near Fairfax. Staggering range of mint second hand records. I could only stay for a short time but I picked up the 1982 Von Karajan "Parsifal" for 40 bucks - it was like new!

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Hilarious Mikey!!

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Great stuff, Michael! You just brought a great memory from 2007 when I visited LA and 'stumbled' on Amoeba. I said to my wife ''I'm just going to have a quick look in here to see what vinyl they have, give me an hour''! As soon as I walked in the door I freaked out, I had never seen so much vinyl in my life. I ran back out shouted to my wife ''Can you go back to the apartment this is going to take all day!'' I went back every evening for the 10 days we were in LA! The underground car park is a brilliant facility for loading up!

Another memory of that holiday was when I rang Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica from Ireland and asked if he had the Dynavector 17D3 in stock and he said no, I told him that I would be in LA and asked him could he get it for me, I offered to pay him there and then and he said no problem, pay me when you get here! He was true to his word when I arrived he couldn't have been more friendly and helpful and he had some great gear to boot! He even gave some discount seeing that I had travelled so far!

Again thanks for bring that memory back! Keep up the great work Michael! Who else is going to keep us as well informed as you do!


James, Dublin, Ireland


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Randy is great... I've known him since around 1980....

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I have not seen a large store full of records in many years! 

Hopefully a view of the future of audio.


Thanks for the tour!

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I second your hope for the future of audio.   I just got back back into vinyl and I cant believe how much more I enjoy music now. I can't a wait to come home every night and listen to music , a side of vinyl just sounds so damn much better , it brings a large smile to my face every time.  

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So the real question is, did Michael Fremer really walk out of that building full of records empty handed?  How is that possible? 

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Actually I shot that part on the way in!

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... at the fine woman walking past the store front ?



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I have never been to Amoeba Records and only once, briefly, to L.A. (to see The Tonight Show). It makes me want to plan a trip -- from the east coast!

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Wow, tons of vinyl. Please tell me that they had a section with rare vinyl. "Hi, I'd like a mono top loader Beatles White album." "No problem, sir, right this way." "Would you like a Robert Johnson 78 with that as well sir?" lol.

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Damn! I think I'd need a whole month in there. Tell the wife I'll be home next month. Wow. Thanks for the tour Michael!

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The best record store I've ever visited hands down.  I asked you in an earlier post if you visited Aomeba while you were at Capitol.  I have my answer but really how could you not go there when you're esentially down the street.  Now I have to plan another trip to LA !!!



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one of the best stores. Its rare to find a store when you travel .

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but I am lucky enough to live within easy driving distance of Amoeba's stores in SF and Berkeley (the original Ameoba). I don't get down to LA very often, but next time I do that Amoeba location will be at the top of my list of visits.

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I go to Amoeba Hollywood almost once a week, to my girlfriend's chagrin.

I love the classical and jazz vinyl sections. And yes, I also buy CD's, mostly used, there.

Other great stores in LA: Atomic Records in Burbank, Freak Beat in Sherman Oaks, Record Surplus in Santa Monica.


The Record Collector on Melrose is another great one, but a little pricey. The owner is a bit of a crumudgeon, but knowledgeable.

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That's what I'm in for when visiting Amoeba.  I'm about 5 miles away and thankfully can restrain myself since I have little more shelf space in my apt.

Once when taking care of my elderly folks, I was heading home Friday with 3 crisp 100s from mom. Headed to Amoeba, armload of used vinyl and every time I passed the new Box set of Dylan outakes I picked it up and put it down, at $95. Heading to the cashier I grabbed it. Guy checking me out got me to bet on what I spent, I thought $225, he kept counting. It came to $295 and he saw the look of panic in my eyes so he gave me the stickers AND the black bag, made me feel  like I'd won something!  I kept the crisp bills and used my card.  I offered to have him come listen and have a beer or 2, too bad he missed that smoking session.  That was an incredible night with Dylan and some of my others.

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Hmmm ... They gave me a black Amoeba bag too. I think its a spiff when you spend over $200. But then again, I may have had that look of panic as well. :>)

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Been there many times. The only negative, besides the fact that you have to drive to Hollywood the Damned, is that the store won't let you use their restroom. You have to go across the street to the fast food place. This is torture for an old fart, because the store is so large, and there are so many records to look through, its a three restroom visit experience. Bah!