In The Record Cleaning Machine Wars VPI Comes Out Vacuuming

VPI Industries just announced a new record cleaning machine, the MW-1 Cyclone. The new $1000 record cleaning machine shares the 16.5's shape but is of aluminum and has a removable lid rather than one that's hinged. Its bi-directional platter functions with the vacuum off or on.

The motor drives the platter rim rather than the center shaft, which means you can press down as hard as you like and the center motor shaft will not bend or break, nor will the platter "give".

VPI's Harry Weisfeld compared the new Cyclone to the more expensive Typhoon and said "I hate to say it, but I think it cleans better!"

Now there's an honest high end manufacturer!

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Is it quieter than the 16.5?

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And I just replaced my old 16.5 with a new one last month...perfect timing on my part. Wish I'd known.

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One of these days I'm gonna remove the motor from the unit, and build an outboard box which will be heavily insulated and about 6 feet away from the main unit.  I hope to maintain the suction power while cleaning and have way less noise.  I wear woodworking headphones just to clean records! I hate triggering my tinnitus before I even sit down to listen to music.  What do you all think?

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