Visits VPI Industries Part 3

In the short concluding video of our visit to VPI, Harry Weisfeld shows us his listening room and talks honestly about the costs involved in manufacturing the new direct drive turntable as well as final pricing realities.

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10 minutes, that's all I want.  Just give me 10 minutes alone in that building!



PS: I need 10 minutes to get in and take one before anyone can see me. (I can't afford what I'd like to take.)

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i could spend 10 years in there  smiley

thanks mike for the great tour.

its not often the layman can get a candid behind the scenes look at one of high end audio's leading lights.


who's next ?




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What hornspeakers are that behind Harry? 

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Those are current production JBL Everests. Very few sell domestically. Virtually every pair goes to Japan where they are very popular.

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Having just purchased a Classic 3 with 3d arm, I'm very anxious to read your review of the new direct drive rig. Hope it's not too glowing of a review. wink

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While I am a huge supporter of all things VPI, I am a little disappointed in the video.  They seem more unprofessional than I would expect.  Few things to demonstrate their technology, eating on camera, cell phones constantly in use.  The place looked a wreck, it doesn't have to be super clean or anything but a bit of organization would go a long way.  Also, it would have been beneficial to see some actual production!  This criticism is coming from a guy with two high end VPI turntables and a RCM from them!  I do love them but they seemed surprisingly lax.  Keep up the good work MF!

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I think it's nice to hear them talk about their components and their honest thoughts.  Most of these types of visits are a controlled, elaborate sales pitch.  This felt like a conversation.  

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C'mon Wntr Mute2 it is this approachability and easy going nature that VPI has that makes them so great.  Try calling Linn for an LP12 motor or Roksan for a bearing, as great as those companies are they do not have the approachability that VPI has and if you call it laxness then I wish all manufacturers had it.  It is hard not wanting to support these guys and their products are great, and built to last.  Bonus! it is made right here in the good ol' USA.   

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Man,I wanted to hear your reaction to listening to the Direct Drive table.   But no, I hear the words "Let me shut it off."  Fade out.  Sheesh.


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I've been a VPI owner and fan for years, it was really great to finally see where the magic happens!

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Why do these VPI visits show private video when I try to play them? Thanks.

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An internal company issue and they asked that I remove them.
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Thanks for the response. Hope all is well with VPI, I recently pre-ordered a Prime turntable. I'm very happy to have discovered analogplanet. Thanks for all of the great info.

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Harry Weisfeld is a good guy who always comes up with great ideas for developing content which he does in avatar game.