The Morrow Audio High-end Interconnects with SSI Technology Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Morrow Audio High-end Interconnects with SSI Technology (MSRP $49.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

RCA version shown in the photo. XLR balanced also available on the Morrow Audio website. The MA3 interconnects consist of 12 runs of solid core, small gauge and individually insulated, silver coated copper wire (renowned SSI Technology) which is then silver soldered to the termination of choice. Silver coated copper wire was chosen for the excellent balance of sound that it provides. The cable has an attractive appearance and possesses excellent RFI and noise rejection. That cable is flexible, durable and easy to manage. Cables are the same price up to 1 meter. Length, termination and break-in service are selected in the shopping cart. Custom lengths are available.

“When I connected your cables to my system, I noticed significant differences immediately. From the start, the MA3's are much better cables than the Nordost Red Dawns and Audience Maestros I had been using. My tube generated soundstage came alive like never before. The tone remained the same, but everything else improved. I thought I had discovered something that no one else knows about. By the way, I sold both the Nordost and Audience interconnects on E-Bay and I kind of felt bad, because these people really had no idea, or were aware that there were better alternatives to what they were pursuing. In the past, I was one of those. Anyway, have you considered contacting one of those Stereophile or Absolute Sound editors or one of the foreign magazines to review your cables? Or gone to one of the big name hi-end retailers to demonstrate your product? I believe that they would be a hit in the audio "mainstream." – Rodolfo B. from Florida

Readers can also register now to win a $1,000 Morrow Audio Shopping Spree and an iPOD Touch (64GB) at Customers also get an immediate 45% off purchases in our Trade Up To Morrow program and more!

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Trace's picture

Great cables for each performance level.

RubenH's picture

hear how they sound.

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Could always use a pair of quality interconnects.

Stu Morgenstern's picture

....hook me up!

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Ne gift-wrap required.

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perfect timing

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Add me too!

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I would like some of that

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Looks pretty cool ...

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I'm in, all in!

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No need for anyone else to comment.
I'm pretty sure I'll win.

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last name free stuff. nice review of mofi miles davis titles

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I'm in.

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Wonderfull cables !!!

Fab-_-'s picture

what a bargain !!! luv'it

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Haven't bought any in a long time's picture

Look forward to winning these!

Doctor A's picture

But would certainly like another pair!

krahbeknudsen's picture

Yes please!

fsdaron's picture

Looking for quality interconnects. I'm in.

JohnnyCanuck's picture

I haven't tried them yet so winning a pair would be a good opportunity to do so.

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

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A bargain at the price

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I'm in!

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Always looking for upgrades.

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Woo Hoo!

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Thank you.

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I'd love to continue to upgrade.

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Official entry here.

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is my favorite price.

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OMG. I would like to thank my....

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Would be nice to win these

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I see new cables in my future. :-)

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Hope I win ;)

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Count me in. I'm always up for trying new IC's

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Laying some cable, hopefully.

cdvinyl's picture

Would love to try them

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but would like to.

nelsonkiwi's picture

Heard about Morrow, wouldn't mind giving them a listen.

terrybbagit's picture

But I haven't had a chance to try his interconnects this would be a great opportunity

marcel_kyrie's picture

Fifty bucks - that's reasonable. That's actually ten dollars less than I paid for my interconnects. I support any company that doesn't add arbitrary zeroes to their cable prices.

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count me in

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'Tis my turn to win.

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To the sounds

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Might give these a listen...

piper's picture

At the price, these may finally convince me to upgrade even if I don't win

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Upgrades are always welcome. For me, it would be a big one.

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yes please !

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to me

2_channel_ears's picture

to me

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It would be nice to add these to the Morrow cables already in my system.

pmatt's picture

rolling the dice

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I liked it a lot. It was much better than "Cats." I'm going to see it again and again.

There. I played along. Now gimmie the free cables.

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And the winner is...

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I'm ready to win.

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So far, so good.

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I can use those.

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let the cables rescue to Vienna

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that I'd like to enjoy!

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Isn't it?

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Why not now?

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I could use a pair for free. I went to their web site and their pricing is very competitive and in some cases very reasonable. I may order a pair anyway even if I do not win this contest.

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My system I could do with a set of these cables......holding thumbs!

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Could Use some Morrows Tomorrow!'s picture

And would welcome a set of interconnects.

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I could use a good pair of interconnects.

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Yes please!

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Well, I sure could use these :)

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These would be an awesome upgrade to connect my DAC to my Amp.

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I needa bada ... I wanta bada... I bega

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Would really like to hear them.

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Yes I need a new cable to play with !!!


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Great value cables

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Yes please

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need for my TT please

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loo0k great!
Love to have some!

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Fingers crossed!

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I'm ready to wire up!

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Add me please

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..........adverts in the magazines and wonder if they are better than the AQ King Cobra interconnects I currently use.

Trace's picture

Yes they are much better. I owned the Cobras and have refitted w/ Morrows, no question or comparison!

JohnM's picture

And who would've thought there'd be so many time zone options in the account settings!

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Not familiar with these...

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I hope I win.

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Better than an AQ G-Snake?

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No, really, ME!

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Perfect for connecting a headphone amp!

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Thanks for the great giveaways Mike!

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Hoping I win.

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I'd love to up my interconnect game. Whooooooo!!

welly's picture

Previously used Morrow MA1s... Excellent cables

Bob Ward's picture

I 'm in

zen2000's picture

I want a pair.

hrlaser's picture

These interconnects would vastly improve the sound quality of my HiFi dojigger audio system thingie.. Thanks for the chance :-) ..

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Daddy needs a new pair of inter-connects.

Prole's picture

... to connect my phono stage to my amp.

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Nice give a way, would love to win!

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Sounds great and good luck to all.

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They sound inventive count me in.

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glad to see some cables priced so many can use them

HT Guy's picture

Yes I would love a new cable in my system. PLEASE!

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These would be a nice addition to my son's little "starter" system. Keep up the good work, Michael!

wendigone's picture

My current cables are from Radio Shack. I really need a quality pair!

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Can't wait to win!

aw's picture

Fingers are crossed!

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I hope this will be my second set.

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The look like good interconnects.

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Please send them tomorrow!

Sorry, it was there...

count me in

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I could use some of these.

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Morrow makes great quality cables

Benjamin Webber's picture

I have tried numerous topologies in making my own interconnects. This makes good sense to me. Knowing the cost of materials and time it takes to make a set of interconnects, it seems that 49 bucks is an incredible value.

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Good stuff!

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Throw my hat in the ring. Love to win the Morrow Cables

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Good luck to all

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Thanks for the sweepstakes!'s picture

Free sounds great. Send 'em to Rochelle Park!

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I need this!

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Slipped in before the deadline