The Meze 99 Classics Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Meze 99 Classics Headphones ($309.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

What is it that discards the superfluous, the gimmicky, the flashy, the questionable, the overly fragile, the misplaced? The obvious answer would be time. And this is also the riddle of good design: very few objects achieve such a rarefied consistency of qualities. This is our aim with the Meze 99 Classics, the anti-fragility of a classic, with a sound on par with the design. Pure, natural sound in a timeless body.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Count me in please.

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to win one of these drawings!

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you don't have to be a headcase to want these

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Would love to try these.

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but... I like to play anyway... :)


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Bet they sound fantastic!! I'd love to find out.

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Maybe I'll be lucky this time.

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Sounds like an awesome giveaway!

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lots of parts

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But how do they sound?

My current cans are Grado 325si for my home, and B&W P3 for mobile use.

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These look wonderful, count me in. Best of luck to all!

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These look cool.

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Sign me up.

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I could really use these

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I would love to have these!

myheroiscoltrane's picture of these sweepstakes!

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I'm in.

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enter the sweepstakes...

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count me in

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Sign me up!

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..a nice set of cans.

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Those are definitely classic looking phones!!

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Im in!

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Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

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I would listen to the One After 909 on the Meze 99 headphones is I won. Good Luck to all!

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Count me in!

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..daddy needs new cans!!

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I could sell my speakers and move my system to another room!

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They look nice.

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I'd love a pair of sealed headphones!

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Very nice.

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Thank you. I'd love to win!

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Looks awesome

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a pair of headphones.

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They look great and it appears the build quality is good.

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I would love to have these!

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I was reading about these on sister site just a couple weeks back. Sweet

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wow nice headphones :)

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Gorgeous looking .... and sounding I bet's picture


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Count me in please :-)

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Stellar! Sign me up.

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Awesome!!! Would love a better set like these.

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want theze!

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gollie beave~

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be nice.

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I'd love to try these out. May just be the nicest pair of cans I've ever owned!

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I would love to hear how these sound with a nice sounding LP.

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Por favor!

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These would do nicely thank you!

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I will win

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I want it!

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I hope I win.

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Enter me in sweepstakes I could use em:)

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Nice looking set.

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Please enter me.

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I was in the market for a new set of headphones, as luck would have it.

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Great looking & sounding headphones.

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...please save me! :)

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Beautiful wood cans to match my beautiful bone head A match made in heaven

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Very nice ‼️

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Been a while since I've had a GOOD pair. :)

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Great giveaway. Maybe I'll be lucky

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Need luck

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I need a new pair of headphones!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would love these to use on my new Rogue RP-5!

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Would love these!

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Yes thank you.

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Those headphones look well made!

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Havent had a pair of wood headphones, intersted to see how they sound.

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...use a new pair of 'phones!

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These would go great along side my HD800's!

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I definitely need to comment on those great looking headphones. I wanna win so In can see if they sound as good as they look.

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These would be nice to hear, especially for my vinyl collection. This time lucky, hopefully.

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Neat pics. These look better, and i'm willing to bet they sound better than dre's!

Yanakis Dionisios's picture the winner.

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Count me in.

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I've got this one in the can!

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Thanks for the opportunity!

Roy Martin's picture use these headphones for good, not for evil.

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musical bliss...

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Thank you

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Would be nice!

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My ears will thank you.

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Mine, mine, mine

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No whammies!

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If they sound half as good as they look...

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back to vinyl ! and thanks for the great leads on good records
and cheap hi fi .

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are dead. I sure could use a new pair.

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Good headphones are a true joy. Thanks!

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I'm in!

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Would love to win!

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I'd love to hear these. In the market for a new pair, and can't make up my mind.

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A new pair of cans would certainly help my recovery from knee surgery...

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Haven't I been good to you?

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100 years ago June 14, put up that flag! KP

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please pick me

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let me win, please?

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I will win !

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And there's no pesky large piles of money laying all over the place.

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fingers crossed

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Nice Idea...

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Woo hoo! I love this site. Thanks Mr. F.

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Winning a set of these would be sure to make me more popular! :)


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those phones look very sexy

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Keeping my fingers crossed

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Those would look good on my noggin!

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Hopefully they sound as cool as they look!!!

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Me Please

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should be great for vinyl.

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I think this is the Golden Ticket.

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I need these

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Meze actually only 36.

LesT73's picture a go!

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I need meez pleeze!

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Try these...

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Try these...

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Kool Kans!

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I could use a nice set of headphones like these.

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... yes please !


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count me in !

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A description of the Meze 99 Classics!

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Sweet cans!

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They're really nice sounding headphones!

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I need a new pair.

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my headphones are wearing out -- these would be an amazing replacement!!

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If they sound half as good as they look, anyone would be pleased to own them!

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to have some great new headphones

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Count me in!

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the ultimate decoration to hide my ugly ears

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I'll try another pair of headphones

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All the headphones I've ever owned, (with the exception of iems), have been open back designs. Would be interesting to hear how the Meze 99 Classics sound with a sealed ear-cup design.

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Looks like a rustic Momentum, and Meze's momentum is building. I keep seeing these.

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Please count me in.

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....If I put headphones on rather than blasting music throughout the house!

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These would be a nice addition to the collection.

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I bet they sound as good as they look