Meet Pink Floyd The Wall artist Gerald Scarfe Sweepstakes

Register to win an invitation for two to a private reception with Pink Floyd The Wall artist Gerald Scarfe July 8th, 2017 we are giving away.

About the event:
San Francisco Art Exchange is offering one of the most valuable collections of rock and roll artwork to ever be offered for sale: eleven original paintings, hand-selected by famed English artist Gerald Scarfe, from Pink Floyd’s 1982 masterpiece The Wall. A major exhibition will be held in July with Scarfe and his wife Jane Asher in attendance at the invitation-only premiere to be held at SFAE’s gallery (458 Geary St, San Francisco, CA) July 8th. has arranged for a lucky winner and their guest to attend this invitation-only event and meet the artist!


More Details:
The paintings now being offered have been carefully selected by Scarfe as his most important works, and include several of the most famous images in rock history due to their association with The Wall. Among the paintings are the true definitive originals for iconic artworks such as The Scream, Wife With Flaming Hair, Giant Judge & Hammers, The Mother, Education For What? No Jobs!, The Wife's Shadow, One of The Frightened Ones, The Gross Inflatable Pig, Comfortably Numb, and The Teacher, as well as the massive original storyboard created for the film which incorporates 50 original renderings.


Gerald Scarfe is one of the world's most famous political cartoonists and caricaturists whose work has been seen in The Sunday Times and The New Yorker for decades. His artworks reside in the following permanent collections, among others: Tate Gallery, National Portrait Gallery and The Parliamentary Art Collection in London, as well as the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.

To view available artworks, including in-depth descriptions and histories, more info here.

PLEASE NOTE: This sweepstakes is for an inviation for two and does NOT include transportation or any other services to and from San Francisco, CA. Please do not enter if you cannot attend this event in person.


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PLEASE NOTE: This sweepstakes is for an inviation for two and does NOT include transportation or any other services to and from San Francisco, CA. Please do not enter if you cannot attend this event in person.

[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

chriscarcinogen's picture

Well, damn. I live in The City, and I would surely like to attend a private reception.

I hope they'll be snacks!

anomaly7's picture

Hey, I could take BART there.

WesHeadley's picture

I'll bring the pizza and barbiturates!

mauidj's picture

and most influential artists would be a high point for me. I really hope to win this amazing prize.

saronian's picture

The Jane Asher, I'm in!

Gstepcox's picture

yes, and would like to meet well.

solarboy297's picture

Saw you do the turntable set up in Los Angeles. Second time. You REALLY need a power point presentation.

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eFlatBlues's picture

I'm up for this, would be a great time.

Dpoggenburg's picture

Huge Pink fan? Check
Love Scarfe's work? Check
Live in the Bay Area? Check
Hope I win!

Bigmule1972's picture

Looks like it will be a hoot !

mikerr's picture

love it lots

elvis's picture

Never win anything...but I'll give it a shot

grateful.andrea's picture

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

Richard Cook's picture

I'd love to meet Mr. Scarfe and his wife - and maybe even buy some art! I've got a pretty good collection of Rock & Roll artwork already, but no Scarfe!

Hawk Eye's picture

This would be a great addition to my music collection

hassey's picture

A rock art icon.

dazzlingmd's picture

Not only do I love the music, the band, and the movie, I love the art and would love to talk to the artist! Pick me, pick me! :)

artstories's picture

To request further information re the show and to preview catalog, email

apaya's picture

I was fortunate enough to meet Storm Thorgerson there in 2010 and also purchased a large format reprint of Pink Floyd's "A collection of great dance songs", by then Storm's health had deteriorated but he was gracious enough to tell me the story about the days he spent getting that shot and that it was his wife's favorite work.

The staff at San Francisco Art Exchange have been very gracious over the years and have been kind enough to show me "the actual, original" artworks for some of Pink floyd's most iconic covers that reside in their archives!

The place is a must see for any music lover.

akhan13's picture

I would love to attend this event!

dljaudio's picture

I would love to attend. Besides I'm an old Pink Floyd fan that is deserving. Ha please.

allvinyl's picture

What awesome images to accompany and enhance one of my all time favorite albums of any genre. Just a nit, but The Wall was released in '79 as opposed to '82.

Bruce L's picture

Always enjoyed his art & what can you say about the album that hasn't already been said.

SANDY R's picture


tbromgard's picture

and i live close by

stevef's picture

My favorite Pink Floyd album. I really want to go to this!

fyodordos's picture

Pick me!

AxiomAcoustics's picture

...if I win?

concerto12's picture

comfortably numb. But I'll enter anyway.

hifibri's picture

one miserable morning in black Forty-Four.

Lemon Curry's picture

Baby Lemonade!