Swedish Analog Technologies Announces New Pick Up Arm Lineup

SAT (Swedish Analog Technologies) announced today two new pick up arms, the LM and CF1 series that replace the original SAT arm, now discontinued after a successful run of 70—an impressive number considering the arm's cost of more than $30,000.

Both new arms will be available in both 9" (LM-09, CF1-09) and 12" versions (LM-12, CF1-12). The reference CF1 series represents an evolutionary change from the original SAT arm that designer Marc Gomez claims leads to superior performance. Differences are in the arm tube, head shell, bearings and cable, though outwardly the CF1 series appears similar to the original arm.

The new head shell is a hybrid carbon fiber-aluminum design. The new arm tube is minus the original's polymer sleeve and with an increased outer diameter. The carbon fiber laminate is now exposed across the arm's entire length and is of a higher grade carbon fiber in a proprietary laminate, with a bigger diameter and cross section for increased rigidity.

A new small yoke houses new bearings that are pre-loaded during manufacturing and then sealed. They will keep their pre-load and extremely low and even friction characteristics throughout the arms’ life; they are not user-adjustable. This new bearing system for the movement in the vertical plane is stiffer and much more robust than the previous design. The risk of damaging the bearings during shipment or handling under normal conditions is eliminated.

The cable has now two separate branches all the way from the arm pillar to the connectors. This, and the plug that goes into the arm pillar, makes it much easier to service and replace the cable whenever needed. The wires still go continuously from the headshell to the connectors without any break.

Based on the CF1, the new LM series incorporates some differences in materials, dimensioning and features. The LM series will be the backbone of the SAT line, while the CF1 will be much more exclusive and exotic even if they look very similar.

The 9" models have the same geometry and external dimensions as the original SAT 9" arm and are "drop-in" replacements.

According to Mr. Gomez the designs are "frozen" and parts are now being machined. There will soon be an official press release with more technical information as well as pricing and actual photos, not these CAD renderings.

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Raul wakes up and sees this... I'm going to go make me a sandwich in the meantime.

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I bet it sounds amazing but two gripes; at this price range you would think a VTA calibration would be included so that micro adjustments with high spec cartridges can be done and sealed bearings for life? An auto analogy - I remember auto manufacturers claiming and still do that their transmissions were sealed for life and never needed oil changes. How wrong they were, are we sure that 10-15 years the bearings might not need some adjustment after some hard use?

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It would probably improve the sound of my nephew's Crosley, wouldnt it???

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AFter dropping 30 grand you still can't play anything. Of course a Steinway D is the best.

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It can help me improve some of the work. I am waiting for your sharing