Merrill-Williams Audio Announces The R.E.A.L. 101.3 Turntable

Merrill-Williams Audio LLC of Memphis, Tennesseejust introduced the latest version of its celebrated R.E.A.L. turntable, the model 101.3. The R.E.A.L. 101.3 retains the essential elements of the 101 and 101.2 models while adding fundamental improvements.

The most essential element retained in the 101.3 is a thoroughgoing approach to energy management design. The plinth consists of rubber elastomer sandwiched with phenolic (hence Rubber Elastomer Acoustic Laminate). All sources of vibration (motor, platter, bearing, and tonearm) are attached only to the elastomer, and each is isolated from the others in such a way that none is allowed to transmit vibration through the laminate.

Also retained are the 101.2's microprocessor-controlled motor drive with built-in speed strobe, its energy-rejecting elastomer feet, and its sophisticated record-clamping system, which consists of a center weight (also energy-rejecting) and periphery ring. The design of the R.E.A.L. turntable is the recipient of one of only two U.S. patents granted to a turntable (#8,406,122 B2), and the first since 1958.

The improvements in the model 101.3 consist of changes in the material of the platter and the construction of the center weight and feet, in addition to enhanced cosmetics.

The retail price of the R.E.A.L. 101.3 is $7995. This price includes the peripheral ring and the newly-designed record clamp.

U.S. distribution for Merrill-Williams is now being handled by E.A.R. U.S.A.

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Who's the "Williams" half?

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Robert Williams, George's friend and collaborator on a few of his projects such as this turntable.

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Reviewers laud it as a terrific sounding table, that said, I cannot wrap my eyes around the looks. It looks like it's ready to blast off and meet the Jensons. The lines and feet just don't work, a turntable should be a thing of beauty and this just isn't. I know the design is purposeful for resonance and such, but I wonder how many more would be gracing listening rooms if it was slightly more elegant.

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imagine it un-enhanced !

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I am 52 years old and my eyesight is not what it used to be, so I'll take your word. In defense of the Merrill, I used to think the Luxman turntable was ugly, but have since changed my mind, so there is still hope.

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...a perfect example of Brutalist architecture, reduced to audio component size. Massive and blocky, with the rough streamlining and functionality of a Soviet T-72 tank, it would make quite a statement in the rec room of my dacha.

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You have the kiss of Blarney Tom L. A perfect description.

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Jetsons, not Jensons, typo.

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''Bloody hell'' we forgot about the feet! ''Here, try these, they'll do!

What were they thinking about??!!!

James, Dublin, Ireland

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The number for the Merrill U.S. patent is 8,406,112.

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Volvic, If you're going to correct somebody, would you kindly be accurate in your correction? It's the Jetson's.

Table looks fine to me; not necessarily a work of art, but it is in the price range of some other fine tables and I expect it will sound terrific. As always, trust your ears.