Newvelle Records Select Album Sweepstakes

Register to win three albums that Newvelle Records has selected for readers (Total value $165.00) we are giving away.


The three albums include: Newvelle Volume One Compilation 180 gram vinyl record, Always in the Moment featuring Rufus Reid with Sullivan Fortner from the Season Five Set, 180 gram vinyl with gatefold artwork, and Preminger Plays Preminger with Noah Preminger also 180 gram vinyl with gatefold artwork.


According to the company:

Experience the full beauty of vinyl. Newvelle Volume One is a thoughtfully curated selection of tunes from the first three subscription seasons, including two previously unreleased tracks available exclusively as part of the compilation.

Recorded and pressed with the attention to detail that sets Newvelle apart, Newvelle Volume One is a taste of the exceptional vinyl quality and distinct artistic vision that has been praised by The New York Times as a “throwback to jazz’s midcentury glories.”

Featuring music by Lionel Loueke, Kevin Hays, Rufus Reid, Bill Frisell, Skúli Sverrisson, Steve Cardenas, Don Friedman, Leo Genovese, Ben Allison, Frank Kimbrough, Esperanza Spalding, Jack Dejohnette, Ted Nash, Thomas Morgan and more.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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a very good collection of record for music
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Love to win them!

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Would love to hear this music!

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Several months ago when my on-line vendors started listing this label in my sales emails, my interest was piqued immediately. A new label to add to my growing audiophile pressings collection? What's not to like? Very much love the chance to sample them this way. Though I admit I'll grab some from one of those vendors regardless.

Cheers, thanks, and best of luck one and all.

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Looks excellent

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Looks great!

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pick me please.

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Win me in

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Very cool. Good luck to all

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Yes, please

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to add to the collection.

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I'm in for the spin..

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One comment this time.

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I'm in for free (records)!

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My wallet is hoping I win this!

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jeremyquam's picture

My wallet is hoping I win this!

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I'm In!!

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On Zoom are fun.

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Cool Offer - I'm in

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I'm in.

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My ears would love some joyful new sounds from Newvelle!

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What's not to like.

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It is a pun, isn’t it? My news is that I’d like to be included, thanks much.

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Wow, looks really interesting.

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another month, another great contest. Keep it up. Count me in.

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What a wonderful opportunity. Thank you!

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Glad these are pressed at QRP, I’m in.

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Man, I hope I win. Or that someone equally as cool wins. But I'd prefer it if it were me. Seriously though.

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Would love to hear these!

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Second bdrury: Thanks for an opportunity to check out Newvelle!

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Count me in please!

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I'm curious about these releases.

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I have wanted to try Newvelle records. This is a great opportunity.

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No, don't worry... if I won I won't play them on my gramophone.

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I'm always interested in hearing music I haven't heard before.

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I've heard about this company but have yet to hear any of their recordings.

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Please pick me!!!!!

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My collection is shallow on jazz. Help me expand on that a bit. ;)