Video Report: Capital Audiofest 2022 Showcases a Score of Top-Shelf Turntables, Tonearms, Cartridges, and More

Capital Audiofest 2022 was held at the Twinbrook Hilton in Rockville, Maryland on November 11-13, 2022, and our man Ken Micallef was on hand to take in all things analog at the event that’s billed as “The East Coast's Premier Audio Show.”

Ken was generous enough to shoot the following video footage for us, which includes much analog eye and ear candy including VPI’s Avenger Direct turntable, as well as other high-end gear from Audio Note (also note the album that’s being played there, which we recently reviewed), the TW-Acustic LS-3 motor-copper turntable, the Bird tonearm, the Kronos Pro turntable, the Pear Audio Blue Adar turntable, the Lyra Atlas Lambda SL cartridge, some fine vinyl testimonials, a few good speakers here and there as well, and much more. I don’t want to give away all the gear here in the text, so see it for yourself. . .

Incidentally, if you want to read more about CAF 2022, Ken also wrote a wonderful show review for our affiliated partner site Stereophile, while Dennis Young and Mark Henninger had their own say about CAF 2022 on one of our other partner sites, Sound & Vision. Happy gear hunting!

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I briefly considered going but I figure if the organizers can't spell "Capitol" I will withhold my money until they promise to spend it on remedial English classes. I understand that errors are bound to occur (I make about ten a day) but it's their name for goodness sake.

On the other hand, if the show's name is based on a fondness for capital letters rather than proximity to the nation's capitol, I offer my heartfelt (albeit confused) apology.

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You may have an amount of extra time that could be used constructively? If you would be kind enough to correct any mistakes in my sentence.

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Wow! Where to begin.

"Capital can refer to uppercase letters, accumulated wealth, or the city that serves as the seat of a country's or state's government. A capitol is a building in which the legislative body of government meets. In the United States, the Capitol is a building in Washington in which the US Congress meets."

So not to put too fine a point on it, since it did not take place in the Capitol building everyone who was there attended the Capital Audiofest.
You are clearly not from DC.

Yes you are correct, errors are bound to occur but I'm afraid this one is yours.

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I'm sorry I cannot offer any help with your grammar as frankly I wouldn't know where to start. I can, however, recommend that you try to improve your sarcasm. You'll find that being a smarty pants is time well spent, but only if you're good at it.

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Unless the event was held in the legislative building in DC (the Capitol), then it is indeed Capital, with an 'a', as that refers to the greater geographic area (or an upper case letter, or money).

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I can't help thinking the show's organizers were thinking about the former when they spelt the latter. Either way I'm still avoiding shows a long way from home. September's Ascot show was cancelled after I'd already flown 5,500 miles - someone famous died that week apparently.

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Please spare a moment of reflection and appreciation for Wilko Johnson. The man had rock and roll running through his veins and sweating out his pores.

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Just saw the news re Wilko. He put up a long, brave fight. Loved the album he did with Roger Daltrey a few years back, 2014's Going Back Home. Any recommendations from his Dr. Feelgood days for the AP faithful to spin in his honor, Rich, such as Malpractice, or Stupidity, or...?
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Stupidity is a good place to start (I've always practiced stupidity in my personal and professional life) but if your cupboard is bare, Feelgood-wise, just click and dance in front of your TV or computer or teeny little phone.

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That Analog Planet has reached its absolute nadir, thanks to Rich D, the most-awesomest Grammer King on the planet!

Utterly nothing. on. topic. Thanks for single-handedly shoving this post right into the grave.

Please continue with your hijack of the website.

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Thanks for the vid for those that couldn't go.

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Thanks! We'll continue to post video(s) from shows whenever we can, Glotz, since we all can't go to every show ourselves, as much as we all would like to...
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Someone put itching powder in Grandma's bloomers.