The Dire Straits Money For Nothing Sweepstakes

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About the prize:

On June 17, Rhino will reissue Money For Nothing, the first Dire Straits greatest hits collection (featuring songs from the band's first five albums), which was originally released in October 1988. Newly remastered by Bob Ludwig, Money For Nothing will be made available in digital and double vinyl formats in early 2023.

Fully remastered by Bob Ludwig, and cut by Bernie Grundman, the Money For Nothing double vinyl reissue includes "Telegraph Road (Live Remix)," which was previously only available on the original CD format, and a previously unreleased alternative live version of "Portobello Belle (Live)." The album is cut over four sides for the first time and is pressed on 180-gram vinyl with original artwork.

Dire Straits straddled the globe with their sophisticated rootsy guitar rock wedded to literate story-telling lyrics. Emerging from the club and pub circuit in 1977, Dire Straits was led by charismatic Geordie singer-songwriter, record producer, and composer Mark Knopfler.

Knopfler is one of the most successful musicians the UK has ever produced and is often cited as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Dire Straits' sound defined the late 70s/early 80s with monster global hits such as "Sultans Of Swing," "Romeo And Juliet," "Money For Nothing" and "Walk Of Life" (all included on this release). Dire Straits' 1985 album Brothers In Arms, a global No 1 and double Grammy® Award winner, is one of the best-selling albums of all time. After releasing their final album, On Every Street, in 1991, Knopfler set off on a new path as a solo artist.

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Badbry's picture

Lucky or nothing's picture

It's them or the Floyd. Good enough for me.

martyh's picture

Can't be those two when it comes to a remastered album. Looking forward to listening to this Dire Straits release. Cheers.

Tom L's picture

I wonder if they're just giving away one copy, or more? Would love to have this.

Robboy's picture

Yup, Dire Straits

Robboy's picture

Yup, Dire Straits

Noodlebluesman's picture

Yes, please. Love shopping at the Turntable in Manheim, PA.

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yess!! PLEASE!!!!

billsf's picture

would love to win this one

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over 4 sides very nice

Dave23's picture

My favorite record store (new and used) is Josey Records of Tulsa Oklahoma. Best selection, best people

Mark Evans's picture

has a very good selection of "Now Sound" recordings and Soundtracks. DG also has a pickup window for those of us that are on the run.

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kb54's picture

I live about 15 minutes from the Princeton Record Exchange, where I have been treasure hunting for new and used lps and cds for about 40 years!

kb54's picture

Oops! That's Princeton NJ!

Spencer's picture

I've yet to see a notification of a winner in these sweepstakes.

donhan1's picture

Love Dire Straits

GaryS's picture

Milk Crate, Phila, PA

Chris Everhart's picture

Big fan of Mark and the band, would love to hear this disc. A big shout out to Mystic Disc in Mystic CT, a great record store that has been around forever, I could spend a day there.

Chris Everhart's picture

Big fan of Mark and the band, would love to hear this disc. A big shout out to Mystic Disc in Mystic CT, a great record store that has been around forever, I could spend a day there.

Chris Everhart's picture

Big fan of Mark and the band, would love to hear this disc. A big shout out to Mystic Disc in Mystic CT, a great record store that has been around forever, I could spend a day there.

Jgs388's picture

CD Cellar in Falls Church, VA. Love DS

melonhed's picture

Right back to my glory days, I have my bags packed and ready to go!

Bskeane's picture

Before I moved, I my favorite record shop was the Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton NJ. The only problem was that you needed a week to go through everything, especially the items on the floor that hadn't been filed yet.

Zardoz's picture

LP's for nothing. Thanks

Lazer's picture

I want that LP.

msilgalis's picture

Who wouldn't want a chance to win this?

Mealticket's picture

Syracuse NY

guinnessdan's picture

Bob's Blues and Jazz Mart

hattrick15's picture

Needle In The Groove
San Jose, CA

ivansbacon's picture

"she got it stickin' in the camera man
We could have some fun"
Obsession Records, Anchorage AK. Because They are passionate about vinyl.
"Now look at them yoyo's"

otaku2's picture

CD Record Store Ave U in the Borough at the Center of the Audiophile Universe

mikerr's picture

This would be Great !

Johnston65's picture

I've wanted to get into the Dire Straits. Winning this record would be a perfect way to do so! Reckless Records in Chicago is where I find some gems and I love browsing the selection.

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Josey Records!

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send me one

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Corvallis OR. Josh has a great eye for quality records with a good variety.

mtglass's picture

And no chicks want me!

mtglass's picture

Richmond , VA

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I'm a big fan! I need it!

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win!

jek's picture

Princeton Record Exchange; at it forever, excellent collections of rock and jazz that refreshes all the time. Shoppers aged from children to 1 foot in the grave.
Dire Straits--Romeo & Juliet AND Telegraph Road? Awesome sauce.

Vinylhound's picture

It will be interesting to compare the Ludwig mastering with the same tracks on the MoFis.

stretch35's picture

Check out Reckless on Belmont ave, Chicago

jstrube's picture

I'm in Dire Straights of a win here!

VagabondJ's picture

Plug for Stereo Jack's, my friend's record shop in Somerville Ma.

mcsac67's picture

I spend too much time (and money) checking the new arrivals ay Mill City Sound.

MrValve's picture

Looking forward to the live remixes

matthra's picture

Let play!

matthra's picture

Let play!

fdroadrunner's picture

This collection has a great set of songs, and I hope it includes the long version of "Money for Nothing." And if you're ever in Lincoln, Neb., to watch the Huskers play or traveling through on I-80, Lincoln Vintage Vinyl is a must-stop record shop.

robert r dawson's picture

I'm in 'cause I love free stuff

rich d's picture

Impossible to say, but Out on the Floor records near Camden Market deserves some recognition. I always find something cool and it's almost always reasonably priced. And, it's staffed by enthusiastic, friendly people. Some shops look like a the inside of a dumpster and feature Oscar the Grouch behind the counter (lookin' at you, Landfill Rescue Unit).

Arvo Palm-Leis's picture

Found a lot of very interesting and very nice recordings there.

8thman's picture

Give Repo Records a try in Philadelphia. Search the bargain bins and you may find a gem which will have you twisting by the pool.

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a comment

dmgrant1's picture

Vinyl for nothing.

audiojohn's picture

This would be a great addition to my collection!

englong's picture

sounds like a good album to have

rrh's picture

I want my MTV!

sirnose's picture

... i'd kill to get vinyl!'s picture

Lets hope I win !!!

kwolfdds's picture

I'm ready to win!!

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Yabba dabba do!

pboser's picture

For the generous offer

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i want my, i want my...

CDD's picture

The album art looks cool and glows brightly, should float my boat.

hubersteve's picture

Ebay is my favorite store

Palosrob's picture

Sweatbands rule!

KG_Jag's picture

In for the drawing.

flowdrifter's picture

I'm in!

packgolf's picture

Show me the Luck that I dIRELY cRAVE! Vinyl forever, mp3 never!
Thanks for the chance to win!!!

evilroyslade's picture

Can't go wrong with these two, should sound great!
Euclid records St Louis -great selection/great customer service

Bill-B's picture

I'll take something for nothing

tedcole's picture

My straigts are dire and I need music!

terrybbagit's picture

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed

viridian's picture

Count me in!

mariojzz's picture

Would love to have it.

yebbasue's picture

My favorite record store - Radio-Active Records at Imperial Square in Ft Lauderdale. They have a huge inventory, very chill atmosphere, look all you want, you can even listen in the store before buying - with knowageable staff, they consider any you want to sell and offer you decent value to part with your collection

Tom L's picture

I would have to go with Euclid Records in Webster Groves, MO (St. Louis suburb). Several of my friends work there. Vintage Vinyl is a close second. Closest and largest is the Record Exchange, where Jean Haffner has assembled a mountain of vinyl, CDs, DVDs, used equipment and even some guitars. There are a lot of record stores in the St. Louis area!

dbouch's picture

i live in los angeles. i'm sure there are other great stores that i haven't visited. but my two favs so far are freakbeat records (sherman oaks, i think) and gimme gimme records in highland park.

IndyShrew's picture

Brother in Arms, great LP to show off or test audio equipment. Maybe this latest can be the go to...

JeffreyPT's picture

Free LPs. The local record shops here make us pay.

cement_head's picture

Apparently, according to several people who saw Dire Straits when they still performing, Mark Knoffler almost never played Money For Nothing the same way twice. Add to that, that it is one of the hardest "pop" or rock songs to play on guitar. I've love a copy!

SWC's picture

Best in our area, and they host live music!

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promas58's picture

Loved Knopfler's Local Hero soundtrack.

OneZeroInfinity's picture

Hippo Records, Greensboro NC. Great prices, big selection of new LP's as well as used. e.g. They had a rod cover version of Moby Grape's debut album and only asked 19.99 for it.

Vtl's picture

Mark Knoffler

Retired Mathematician's picture

The former for a great selection of new and used rock records (although a modest classical and jazz catalog), the latter for a great selection of new and used jazz records (although a great rock collection).

Iggyvee1540's picture

Can't wait. Love it.

tminderm's picture

Look forward to hearing this!

cdvinyl's picture

Love this album.