Cyrus Audio TTP Turntable

Cyrus Audio has decided to kick off the celebration of their 40th anniversary in 2024 somewhat on the early side by announcing the late-October availability of their new TTP turntable — but we don’t mind that kind of advance fanfare in the least.

But first, some company history. Cyrus Audio, which is based in based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire in England, is an independent British brand that introduced their original Cyrus One amplifier back in 1984. Since then, the company has released a wide range of high-end products including integrated amps, power amps, tuners, speakers, CD players, streaming devices, and power supplies. Up until 2019, all Cyrus gear was built in Huntingdon, at which time the admittedly smallish company decided to up their global-impact game by moving their entire manufacturing process from Huntingdon in order to partner with SMS Electronics in Nottingham. (SMS is the company that has been providing Cyrus’ PCB boards for over 20 years and counting.)


To dial back into the analog side of the company equation, Cyrus’ Phono Signature phono preamp received much well-deserved acclaim back in 2016-17, and for good reason — for one thing, it’s a phono preamp that offers four inputs capable of being configured for either moving-magnet (MM) or moving-coil (MC) cartridges. And now, Cyrus has decided to bring forth their new, flagship TTP turntable as the Phono Signature’s proper LP-spinning complement.

Precision-machined from solid aluminium blocks, the TTP’s plinth and platter are said to be “extremely stable” for vinyl playback. The platter is suspended on a hardened steel axle rotating on an ultra-precise bearing with integrated lubrication that is mounted into a solid aluminium plinth machined from a single aluminium billet.


According to Cyrus, the TTP’s lightweight tonearm has been “carefully designed using intelligent redistribution of mass to ensure it will exhibit fewer points of resonance,” given the mostly “friction-free movement from the horizontal and vertical bearing assemblies.” A cartridge is not supplied with the TTP, however.


The TTP’s DC synchronous motor offers a custom-designed digital control circuit, which is said to ensure “very low” wow and flutter with exceptional speed stability.” The supplied PSX-R PSU is suitable for 90-264V operation (50/60Hz), but the TTP ’table also includes a port around back for the optional PSX-R2 upgrade. Either way, power from the PSU is routed internally to the motor drive stage to “provide an even more stable, ultra-low noise power supply for the turntable motor” (again, their words).


Other features and specs for the Cyrus TTP ’table include electronic speed control for both 33 1/3rpm and 45rpm, adjustable/replaceable feet, power consumption of <0.5W standby and 20W max, dimensions of 17.24 x 2.95 x 15.55in, w/h/d (438 x 75 x 295mm, w/h/d), and a weight of 53lb (24kg).

The Cyrus Audio TTP turntable will be available at the end of October for an SRP of £4,295, or $5,247 U.S., given the current exchange rates at the time of this posting.

For more about Cyrus Audio, go here.
To find an authorized Cyrus Audio dealer, go here, and fill in the “please enter your postcode or nearest town” window accordingly.


antonmb's picture

Looks like a nice table, but the tonearm sure looks like a Rega, right down to the 3-point. That's not a bad thing, but why not say so?

antonmb's picture

Looks like a nice table, but the tonearm sure looks like a Rega, right down to the 3-point mount. That's not a bad thing, but why not say so?

Tom L's picture

It doesn't look like a space station, a crystal palace or a group of midcentury German dormitories.

avanti1960's picture

The driven pulley is the large diameter of the rim of the platter which has a 3X advantage in reducing motor speed error and fluctuations compared to a sub platter driven system.
On the minus side it is a Rega tonearm which brings the disadvantage of lack of tonearm height / VTA adjustment.
Industrial design... eye of the beholder.

barfle's picture

I checked the “Where to buy” rabbit hole, and the only US dealer is in Mississippi.

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The description of the TTP turntable's design and features, such as the precision-machined plinth and platter , lightweight tonearm, and DC synchronous motor, tunnel rush piqued my curiosity.