2017 Tokyo International Audio Show Coverage Begins Tomorrow

The 2017 Tokyo International Audio Show runs from Friday September 29th though Sunday October 1st. It's the first time AnalogPlanet has covered the show, so no coming attractions and no expectations.

Michael Fremer will host three seminars at the show combining playing records with turntable set-ups.

The flight over was enhanced when the First Officer (second in command) came over to say hello. He's a big vinyl fan, Stereophile subscriber and AnalogPlanet reader. Turned out that other crew members were also vinyl fans: after he told them who I was I spent some of the flight answering questions. Was a great start to the trip!

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Haha, I completely understand the crew! A chance to ask a vinyl expert as MF questions directly is not something that is possible every day.

Have fun at the show!

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Did you get a first class upgrade?