New TechDAS Air Force V Turntable Debuts at Tokyo International Audio Show

TechDAS introduced the new Model V turntable at the Tokyo Audio Show 2017. Like the more expensive Ar Force turntables, the new compact turntable features an air bearing, vacuum hold-down platter. Unlike the more costly TechDas turntables the Model V does not feature an outboard motor, nor does it include a suspension system.

Instead the motor is inboard. The new 'table can accommodate up to four four arms. Though it is a surprisingly compact design, it can handle 12" tonearms thanks to extender armband options. The new Model V will cost approximately $15,000.

When asked what happened to the Model IV, Mr. NIshikawa said IV has a 'bad number" in Japan. I asked Nishikawa if on the golf course in Japan one yells "FIVE" instead of "Fore". He had not answer.

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That's the best they can do for that kinda coin?

I want at least 33.33.

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... Nishikawa-san a sense of dread:

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