Talking Technics SP-10R With CTO/Chief Engineer Tetsuya (Tony) Itani

At the 2017 Tokyo International Audio Show, Technics' CTO/Chief Engineer Tetsuya (Tony) Itani talks with AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer about the still in the developmental stage new SP-10R Direct Drive turntable.

Mr. Itani discussed the new design and how it differs from the now legendary SP-10 MK III. He also walked me over to a wall display showing all of the parts needed to build the SL-1200G. What Mr. Itani told me may surprise you!

He also thumbed through some of the records he and his team brought to the show. if you weren't sure if they were serious about vinyl, this may change your mind!

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... "old boys" back to work on the design of a new version of the EPA series tonearm to go with the SP-10R, rather than offering just a modified SL-1200G tonearm. Then they could offer a complete update to the SL-1000 turntable/tonearm/plinth package.

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I still contend that at some point they will offer the 1200G without a tonearm, at some point. Great record collection, especially the classical section.

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So only the dust cover tooling could be reused. Everything else was "badly damaged," he said. Does that mean it was all just worn out? I guess that wouldn't be too surprising since they made that model for more than 30 years.

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Amazing to see the back wall with all the parts that make up a SL-1200G. The engineering on this turntable is incredible. These guys were very seriously about reintroducing the SL-1200. Thanks for showing, Michael.

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Thanks for flipping through the record boxes!

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Seemed like a luxurious system.

I think I have already fallen in love that that cartridge.

Also....any word on that headshell?

It seems to extend to effective arm length a little.

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Figured it out.

It looks to be the AT-LH13OCC headshell, with the ART 100 cartridge as MF mentioned!

Quite a headshell.