Audio-Technica ART 1000 Cartridge Designer Mitsuo Miyata Interviewed

Analogplanet reported from Munich's High End 2016 show on Audio-Technics's "evolutionary" new ART1000 phono cartridge.

To prepare for an upcoming full review in Stereophile, editor Michael Fremer flew to Japan to see how the unique cartridge is manufactured as well as to meet with A-T executives and the cartridge's designer, the recently retired Mitsuo Miyata.

More videos from the visit will soon be posted, but in the meantime here's the interview, made more difficult by language and room-related audio issues. Nonetheless it's a worthwhile interview that you should enjoy. Miyata-san recently retired after turning the project over to Yosuke Koizumi (seen to his right), who is half his age but a big vinyl enthusiast (wait until you see his collection of 45s!). Also heard on the video is Kurt Van Scoy of Audio-Technica, America.

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I found your interview at Audio Technica vey interesting thank you. I purchased a new AT ART9 mc cartridge as a stand in a few weeks ago while my Lyra Skala is being rebuilt by Lyra in Japan. I have to say that the ART9 is staggeringly good at around 1/3rd of the price of the Skala and I can only encourage you or Stereophile to review it should you get the opportunity. Kind regards, srmusic

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It must be difficult talking via a translator, but it is really nice you could give Mitsuo Miyata an oppertunity tell about his cartridge. I have seen it in Munich and I was very much impressed, but now even more so.