Basis Work of Art $150,000 Turntable Shown For First Time at North American Audio Show

Bais Audio's A.J. Conti chose T.H.E. Show Newport 2013 to introduce his top of the line Work of Art turntable. Though it's bee available for a few years, he's not brought it to a show. It was spinning records via his new Superarm 9 tone arm.

The rest of the system consisted of Audio Research electrics and the Vandersteen 7 speakers I reviewed in Stereophile back in 2010. I had A.J. play the new AAA vinyl release of Thank you Les and it sounded, not surprisingly, lush and inviting. But I had to move on so only got to hear one tune.

Maybe knowing there would be a parking lot full of exotic high performance cars got A.J.'s competitive juices flowing and that's why he brought the Work of Art.

Like those cars, please don't whine if you can't afford a $150,000 turntable. Yes a KIA will get you to the supermarket just the same as will a Lamborghini and a VPI Traveler will spin that record more than just fine (review coming up), but if you've got Justin Bieber bucks, why not enjoy?

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They played Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven and it sounded great. I like it when non audiophile approved music gets played. My wife even liked it.

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My friend Robert handed Randy a 60's Angel recording of a quartet playing a Ravel composition. When the needle hit the record, the room became silent. The musicians were in the room. Not a word was spoken for the entire 20 minute side. It was mesmerizing to say the least. This was one of the very best systems I've heard in my 40 years in the hobby. I wanted to leave and go rob a bank.