Turntable Set-Up Demystified

(This post was originally published on the Stereophile.com website where you can also find very thorough coverage of T.H.E. Show Newport 2013. With John Atkinson and Jason Serinius on the job, I was free to look for analog gear knowing their report would thoroughly cover the systems and sound-Ed).

I have to hand it to Stereophile’s Michael Fremer (right), who also edits AnalogPlanet.com. The man has large attachments! I find cartridge set-up intimidating and I don’t even attempt it until I am in the “zone.” But Mikey does it in public with a video camera amplifying his every motion. At one point in one of his two packed 90-minute seminars at T.H.E. Show, he even picked up the VPI turntable he was working, provided by David Weinhart (left), founder/owner of Ambrosia Audio & Video and owner of Los Angeles retailer Weinhart Design, Inc., to rotate it with the stylus still resting in the groove so the video camera could get a better view! As I said, large attachments.

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Will the video be uploaded to Youtube or something similar to watch?

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No but I'm soon going to post excerpts of my turntable set-up DVD "21st Century Vinyl, Michael Fremer's Practical Guide to Turntable Set-up". 

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I also look forward to your video on the website, although I already have your DVD on turntables and how to set up the cartridges. From the picture it looks like you and the other gentleman are both checking out some young lady in the 3rd row!