Clearaudio Launches New $2200 Concept Wood Turntable With Tonearm

Clearaudio's new Concept Wood features a Baltic Birch plinth, a 30mm POM polymer platter with flywheel effect weighted rim, an aluminum sub-platter and polished steel shaft bearing, sintered brass bushing and Teflon thrust plate.

The decoupled DC motor features 3, electronically selected speeds with rear panel mounted fine speed adjustment. A new Satisfy Black tonearm features a mechanical bearing and magnetic anti-skating, as well a VTA and azimuth adjustability.

The $2200 'table can be ordered with a pre-mounted Concept MM cartridge ($2,400), a Concept MC ($3000) or an upgraded Satisfy Carbon Fiber tonearm for an additional $200.

The original Concept turntable remains in the line but it has been upgraded with the Concept Wood's aluminum sub platter.

This one needs to be reviewed ASAP!

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jquiroga77's picture

I received one back in August, mine has the aluminum trim but this arm. Haven't been able to stop spinning since I got it. Only has the stock MM cartridge but for what it is it's a decent cartridge. I'll be switching to a DL-301 after Christmas.

djimi95811's picture

I haven't seen any actual reviews. The regular Concept is listed in 2015 best of turntables, but not this version. I like the looks of the wood version more than the standard, but it's considerably more expensive. What besides the trim would make it worth the additional cost, if anything? Or is the standard version even a better sound. Also, the difference between the MM and MC cartridges on the wood? Can't afford the MC, so it's really a question of MM for either version for me. Thanks!